Voice activated smart machines are primarily used today for personal use According to Martin Draper technology director at luxury retailer Liberty his company is working towards using voice controlled software to help with warehouse picking Staff uses headphones and microphones to activate voice controlled apps to decide which products should be picked from the warehouse Included in the future of voice controlled devices partnering with like minded companies and technology that can use voice activated systems for consumer decision making Consumers must learn to trust the device so that they feel their decision making is safe THE VIRTUAL DIGITAL ASSISTANT MARKET COULD REACH 15 8 BILLION WORLDWIDE BY 2021 Virtual Digital Assistants VDAs are a developing business today in 2018 Many consumers already use smart phone technology and are using advanced software technology to improve efficiency in their lives including smartwatches fitness trackers smart home systems and smart systems in their automobiles Voice activated software and technology are rapidly advancing as modern software learns natural language processing and the utilization of artificial intelligence 

AI in the accelerated innovation of this technology MOBILE DEVICES CONNECT CONSUMERS According to an article from DNN Software more and more consumers today search research connect and shop online from their mobile devices And 53 of those users state that if the mobile page does not load within 3 seconds on their mobile device they will leave that page This is vital information for a company that is using their website to sell products Websites today must be mobile ready and be mobile ready rapidly As the future of voice activated software advances companies must be aware of the impact of having mobile ready interaction SMART HOME DEVICES HELP CONSUMERS WITH PURCHASE DECISIONS AND NEED TO BE IN EVERYONE'S HOMES Many consumers feel that owning a voice activated device is not a need and keeping the price down makers of home devices such as Amazon Echo Dot Google Google Home Mini and Apple Home Pod are offering lower priced devices as a starting point for consumers to purchase the device and become comfortable with their use Data published by e

Marketer estimates that connected household device penetration will be 13 8 of the US population in 2018 up considerably from an estimated 4 8 and 10 9 in 2016 and 2017 respectively eMarketer estimates that roughly 24 5 million connected speakers will ship in 2017 However many consumers are uncertain about the security of using smart home devices As security standards increase with makers of smart home devices consumers especially consumers under the age of 44 who are accustomed to using smart devices will feel confidence rising that security will not be an issue VOICE COMMAND IS THE FUTURE OF SMART HOME DEVICES Connected speakers throughout the home are one of the key elements of successful smart home devices Already 20 of Google searches on mobile are done via voice search Of smart home device owners 16 report using their device multiple times per day 26 report daily use and 39 use it at least multiple times per week eMarketer As connected speakers help the consumer in purchasing products directly and with ease consumers will feel more confident in also re ordering products directly through voice activation As connected speakers and voice interfaces become more sophisticated the way that consumers interact with these devices will change the way that shopping online for home products 

CHATBOTS CAN BOOST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ARE THE FUTURE OF CUSTOMER INTERACTION Chatbots within your company create a more comfortable customer service experience for consumers When consumers need customer service they are no longer willing to dial a phone number wait on hold and speak to a live agent Chat Bots interact over several social media platforms and can create instant access to customer service inquiries Chatbots are not considered a trend and by implementing chatbots brands are revolutionizing ways to stay in touch quicker and more efficiently with their customers Chatbots are growing in the e commerce sector and can become a virtual personal shopping assistant Chatbots can learn a consumers style and need for products and suggest that product And this technology is growing and advancing Adding a chatbot to your brand can help you stand out in the consumer world As chatbot technology grows and matures more and more consumers will be relying on chatbot technology for a smooth and personalized online shopping experience CONCLUSION As advances in artificial intelligence AI grows consumers will be relying on smart home devices and chatbots to make crucial online purchasing decisions Mobile devices are increasingly used for online purchases and should be implemented into brand awareness Chatbots are revolutionizing the way that consumers use personalized purchasing decisions and customer service and should be used across all social messaging platforms

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