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Emily Eller English II Greene While I was more prepared to argue that St John was more of a foil to Jane than Rochester I think that arguing from Mr Rochester side made me really open my eyes to all that he has done for her I think that a monitored discussion was a very effective way of showing the many sides to the characters that we have been analyzing for so long I do still believe that St John is more of a foil to Jane than Mr Rochester because even though he loves someone else St John is willing to enter a loveless marriage which is something that Jane could never agree to because of her belief that a union in front of God should be sacred to those who are in love with each other I do agree with the points that Ally made but I still firmly believe that St John is more of a foil to Jane and that Mr Rochester is a double Because Jane and Mr Rochester are in love with each other they both bring out flaws in each other that show how much they care for one another Jane was very jealous of Blanche and Mr Rochester was very jealous that Jane was living with another man but also because Mr Rochester and Jane are in love they bring out the best qualities in each other which is something that St John never did I do believe that this process was efficient and effective I do still stay in my beliefs but I have learned more about the characters which can help me see another side

She looked to the moon as a source of comfort and protection from what frightened her Later in the novel Jane meets a kind girl named Helen which in a way is associated with the moon Helen provides Jane with the same sense of comfort and stability that the moon did in the Red Room The moon was a source or relaxation for Jane both as a child in the Red Room and as an adolescent in Lowood with Helen One of the next stages of fear is when it starts to take a physical toll on the body Jane started to have a physical reaction to her fear when she started to believe that the ghost of Mr Reed was coming for her My heart beat thick my head grew hot a sound filled my ears which I deemed the rushing of wings p 21 Jane was still trying to convince herself that everything that was happening was a result of anything else even wings but when people get to this level of fear the body starts to shut down The reason that her heart was racing so fast was so that way her blood flow to her muscles would increase so she would be able to run at a moments notice Jane was experiencing something so emotional that it has driven her to believe that everything illogical that she was thinking was logical With her excessive feelings of fear it has caused her emotions to start taking over her reason which was holding her together until all that is left is the fear and emotion Eventually the physical tension that the fear will have on the body will cause too much stress on the body and make the person faint Someone can faint from fear if they see no other way out because it is apart of the fight or flight response Have pity Forgive me I cannot endure it let me be punished some other way I shall be killed if p 22 Jane tries to fight with her aunt to get out of the room but her aunt refuses and causes her to have an extra hour in the Red Room The thought of being locked in the room any longer with a ghost is too frightening to Jane which causes her heart rate to go up and her breaths to quicken which result in her fainting Janes fear of Mr Reed s ghost was too intense which caused Janes passions to win out in the Red Room over her reason which resulted in her fainting

Emily Eller English II Greene Jane's Fight or Flight The young heroine in Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre displays a girl who has always had difficulties deciphering the difference between her head and her heart Even as a child Jane always proved to be more superior than those her age but when matters of the heart get involved we have seen that her logic can get befuddled Even though she knows that her fear of Mr Reed s ghost is illogical studies have shown that fear has a distinguished difference between a rush that can heighten people's senses and terror that can shut down the senses and invoke a fight or flight response An adrenaline rush is a sensation that people get when they do something frightening however terror is a state of intense fear that can result in illogical actions or thoughts While Jane was locked in the Red Room she attempted to remain calm and reasonable but eventually her terror and passion surpassed her judgment There are stages to how fear progresses and one of those stages is the imagination stage In this stage people become irrational and start believing enhanced truths Jane was using the knowledge she had to help decide what she believed to be true and the farther and farther she progressed into the imagination stage the more and more the falsehood of ghosts would seem like a reality The moonlight was still and this stirred p 21 Jane said to herself as she was trying to convince herself that the strange glowing light was nothing more than the moon

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