Essay Example on Flipped guides us back to the 60s as we follow two Teens









Flipped guides us back to the 60s as we follow two teens who both fall head over heels for each other but are out of sync in doing so We explore a boy and a girl Juli and Bryce and their wobbly roller coaster esque feelings for each other in the midst of family issues school issues friendship issues and issues with each other We also get a valuable insight or reminder into how rocky and unpredictable the teenage mind and heart can be Rob Reiner's Flipped is a rather lovely film but it never explores any unique territory nor feels expansive Still it has a healthy heart and only good intentions The two teens that we follow are Juli and Bryce Juli in retrospect is a far more likable and sympathetic character than Bryce in my eyes Juli appreciates the small things and has a pointed eye for beauty in the world She's A passionate smart and empathetic girl who has a concentrated infatuation for Bryce her next door neighbour who is almost the polar opposite to her He's A typical boy who is constantly annoyed and almost condescending when addressing Juli until of course these feelings are flipped as the film progresses 

The way Rob Reiner tells the story is through switching the perspective between the two characters We may witness an event from the boys side with his narration overriding the scene then the screen literally flips and we are now seeing the same event from the girls point of view with narration from her Through this Reiner obviously hopes to accomplish justification for each characters actions trying to always keep a level playing field However even with this technique in constant use I found myself siding with the Juli even taking into account the constant reasoning from Bryce s narration Either I connected with her and her plight more or she was just a more rounded and compassionate character A mixture of the two is the correct answer I think The title Flipped has various meanings I think For one it expresses the feelings of the characters and their adolescent love for each other very accurately The young love is practically transferred from the girl to the boy sometime into the film flipping the feelings from one side to the other It also means how an adolescent's perception on romance is flipped on its head as they start to mature I hope I'm not looking too far into this title We definitely experience that with the character of Bryce who almost feels like a monster is growing inside of him once he starts to have feelings of romance for Juli Not long after the initial brewing of these romantic feelings he has completely changed from the irritated crushee to the love struck teen with an intense infatuation Reiner has a great skill of capturing the exact time and place of a story Here is no different as he convincingly transports us back the heart of the 20th century 

The sets and the colours are eye popping and gravitating accompanied by well executed cinematography But either my eyes were playing up or I noticed that quite a bit of CGI was used in the film mostly at the start Examples being whenever we get a view of the horizon or the climbing of a large tree It did seem a bit overused and almost lazily handled but it wasn’t used constantly only in a few moments so it didn't take away from the overall vintage aesthetic this film captures Overall the film does have a vibrant colour pallet that is very attractive The performances were overall great although there was some shaky work included as well The highlights of the cast were definitely Madeline Carroll as Juli John Mahoney as Bryce s grandfather Chet Penelope Ann Miller as Juli s mother Trina And Aidan Quinn as Juli s father Richard Anthony Edwards who I have usually found to be a rather subtle actor in films such as Zodiac goes over the top here His character is immoral and wrong but Edwards plays him with an intense evil almost as if he's some sort of comic book villain

 A more restrained performance but also more subtle dialogue would have benefited the character immensely Flipped is a warm and fuzzy film and whilst it may not have the best script or dialogue Reiner s vision and the excellent acting on display springs this film to life Along with my other qualms one of the biggest would be that the story doesn't feel as fleshed out as it should and could be Rarely done I ever say this but I felt that the film could have benefited from a longer running time and also smarter pacing The opportunity was there to tell a compelling tale over the whole teenage life of these two characters which I felt would have made for a much better film Still Flipped is a nice distraction from the heartbreak and loneliness of the real world and is always entertaining

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