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For many centuries religion served as a driving force for changes morals and beliefs of the society In Europe popes and priests were dictating the behavior or a person regardless of his or her rank and status Therefore European empires felt the pressure to spread their religion across the continents and communities As a result most of Northern America change the approach that was used during ceremonies and prayers I assumed the fact that it became more passionate and personal rather than an intellectual discussion between an official God and the general public Eventually I admitted that this change was not appreciated by native residents of the colonies and the process deserves to be studied The Great Awakening had a considerable impact on Native people First of all I started from the historical data of the event The First Great Awakening occurred during the thirties and forties of the eighteenth century Admittedly it was before the colonies established their independence However the type period already incorporated African and Indian individuals that were present and thus the religion process affected their belief system to a similar extent I can conclude that communities were affected by a radical and sudden change People began to study religious texts and the Bible since they were responsible for their emotions and understanding of the passage Therefore a more significant number of arguments took place 

Furthermore women were allowed to educate themselves in theology rather than blindly follow cases of the wise Consequently they started to pay attention to their inner feelings and emotional responses by creating poems novels and texts I can argue that decision led to women opening up about their feelings and creating diaries and memoirs where they could share their worries and conclusions with the rest of the world The act built a bridge between two parts of the society which could be responsible for the institutions that are present in the contemporary community I noted that native people were also affected by the change that occurred in the colonies First of all the alterations made white people think more openly Therefore even though not many factual changes were made the overall mood towards the community was different According to Fisher s book all late colonial Native communities in New England grappled with the reality of increasing intermarriage with non Natives 198 Residents of Northern America were forced to respond to these shifts in such fashion They were consistently repressed and attacked by the colonial forces Furthermore there was a constant level of pressure applied of the territories and rituals that they were practicing since the Empire had to find human resources to initiate the economy and new land to find resources and minerals It is possible of arguing that Native people used the Great Awakening as an opportunity to establish a connection between two parties Marriage as an institution would serve as a bond that would provide Indians with rights citizenship and freedom to maintain their ancestors land rituals and religion Admittedly the changes increased the oppression experienced by the local individuals Since more people used Bible and texts to express their opinion it became more important to study the above to join the society and become its respectful member Koch Otherwise people would feel disrespect and hate towards a person that did not know the holy literature I realized that native people could have felt more pressure to educate themselves and follow the traditions of a different doctrine to become acceptant and respected 

Admittedly the transition did not impact as many Indian people initially Most of the territory was occupied after the War of Independence and therefore after the end of the eighteenth century Thus during the First Great Awakening many Indian people were still unaffected by the changes in one s Christian belief Cairns Furthermore the community in any way did not pressure them Arguably only the tribes that were located close or in the occupied territories had to adjust and create official establishment such as schools or churches to adopt the transition Many supervisors that took it as their initiative to influence the Native communities did not scratch their reach beyond the occupied land I can add arguments that expose the traditional establishments that included native teachers were more influential than the ones Eventually these institutions were created as a response to the changes However the occupation of the remaining territories occurred and the eventual impact on the remaining tribes was made The Awakening served as a foundation for the alterations that were to follow Logical arguments were constructed and used as a force to influence tribes and their religion Furthermore it could be argued that these ideas led to the acceptance of the Enlightenment on the territory of the United States To conclude the Great Awakening had a significant impact on the citizens of the United States and Native Americans Admittedly its first wave did not affect as many communities located in the western parts of the continent However the later events of the history serve as a foundation for the changes of rituals beliefs and habits of all communities

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