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We can But Dare we Imagine that for past few days you are feeling a headache that comes for a couple of minutes and then you do not feel it anymore What is the first thing you are going to do You are probably going to go on google or yahoo and type in what are causes of headaches This is because it is easier to go on the internet and search what may be going on with you or may be causing that problem and try to act like you re own doctor With all of these search web engines around us we feel like any question could be answered in just a push of a button and in seconds We also have social media around us that makes us feel like we are constantly in communication with others even if they have no idea who we are When we go these social media pages they are usually used for posting upcoming brands businesses personal use but they can also be used to share information that if gets into the wrong hand can cause trouble In the healthcare system 10 years ago they mostly dealt with paper charting that could be stored of up to years but now in the healthcare field we see the integration of technology and this is to ensure that patients are safe and that they are receiving optimal care to speed up their recovery time For example before a medication is given you must first scan the patient then scan the medication 

The computer then makes sure that the medication that you are scanning is being given to the right patient at the right time and it also checks that you are giving the right amount and then it documents everything for you With this being said we see how easy it is for information to get into the wrong hands This is the reason why one of the roles of a nurse is to make sure that patient confidentiality is being kept Since getting sick or getting hurt is an inevitable event one you might go to work and you may see that one of your clients happens to be a celebrity neighbor friend or maybe even a family member Just because you may know them it is important that their information or the reason why they are being admitted is kept as a secret This paper will be focused on looking at the parameters put in place in the healthcare field disadvantages and advantages of the use of technology and the standards observed when using technology in the delivery of healthcare HIPPA which is short for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was a bill that was passed by Congress in 1996 This purpose of this bill is for health care providers and organizations as well as whoever working with them to develop and follow procedures that ensure the confidentiality and security of protected health information PHI when it is transmitted received handled or shared What is HIPPA 2017 

With that being said the nurse in the scenario had to work and miss her favorite band playing but she ended up getting to see the band member but not in the way she had hoped He was admitted to the hospital because he was in involved in an accident By her taking a picture of this band member it violated HIPPA because of what she intended to do with this picture along with his personal information This nurse found herself to be in an ethical dilemma because she knew that snapping the picture could get her in trouble but this was her favorite band member and she wanted some type of gratification for just being two feet away from him taking care of him This is not to say that if a patient can t give consent for their information to be shared but they must be a willing participant In the case of this nurse she snapped the picture of the singer which she was not given permission to do Protected health information PHI is any information of a person like their address phone number diagnosis and past medical history Lachman 2013 The nurse in the scenario decided to take all of that information of the singer which is wrong and goes against the PHI which protects that a patient's rights In scenario three the nurse takes all of the singer s information and posts it on her social media on her off day She also posts an unrecognizable photo of him on her Instagram She thought that since she is off of the clock that it may have been appropriate to do so This was not the appropriate thing to do It is understandable that she might have been overly excited to take care of a celebrity but sharing his information on social media was not the proper way go about things In fact even if she wanted to take down all that she had posted it might have been too late because that information could have reached the wrong hands in a matter of seconds Just because information has been deleted online does not mean that it cannot get retrieved again

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