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INTRODUCTION For this assignment I decided to research into the Digital Design industry The type of business I have chosen is Freelance I selected Freelance because it is a vast market which is rapidly expanding Therefore I wanted to analyse the current market to see how it is performing and where it looks to be heading Freelance Digital Designers The role of a Freelance Digital Designer is diverse Clients can hire digital designers to produce a variety of artworks ranging from 2D and 3D branding layout to packaging style web development and much more Digital Designers are open to multiple areas therefore they do not carry just one skill They have a broad range of knowledge which allows them to take on a variation of projects For this reason the freelance community is evolving Being a freelancer means that you have to determined enthusiastic and versatile regarding working towards deadlines since this is not a typical 9 5 job Freelancers sacrifice stability for variety However many designers move throughout the freelance and in house world as their careers progress 

We re now seeing a shift appear as the possibilities are cut back for brand new designers in the traditional employment market It's tough to compete for everyday employment while you are merely starting out Hence designers are starting their careers as freelancers to display themselves and build their recognition first before applying for a job This process is becoming the new standard After thorough research I found that that average salary as a Freelance Digital Designer in the UK is around 30 000 Freelancers overseas have the highest wages whereas in house designers earn the least However being a Freelancer the pay can vary from month to month particularly at first Even experienced designers with a flow of clients can have low months as nothing is set in stone Some Statistics 1 4 million British Freelancers are working throughout all sectors which has grown 14 through the past decade in 2013 the number of companies hiring freelancers accelerated 46 The possibility of working on various tasks throughout sectors is attractive to people research shows In 2013 the average hourly rate increased by 6 7 in the UK Statistics show that men earn 17 more than women Disadvantages Responsibilities As a Freelancer you will have to take responsibility for your issues including keeping on top of your taxes paying your insurance marketing invoicing and keeping track of your overall business You take on an important role so you have to be disciplined enough to stick to a timetable 

A significant quantity of time will be spent promoting your business and dealing with your clientele Many freelancers try to create a reliable client base to keep in the long run Isolation If you are a person who thrives in collaborative environments you might find being a freelancer can create separation which can be uninspiring and can take a toll on yourself and your work Competition Another matter is competing for work Since this industry is growing there are more and more people looking for significant opportunities You might find yourself competing on projects with other designers instead of waiting for projects to land on your desk Anti social hours Depending on the client and project you may have to work irregular hours to keep on track with deadlines This means working through nights and weekends which can be stressful and demotivating Also to scope a project accurately particularly if you have numerous projects going on at once it can be difficult which can lead you to rush projects Advantages Creative Freedom Some of the benefits of freelancing are that you get to choose projects that are worth your time and effort You can pick projects that you are inspired by or projects that are challenging This can lead to self improvement over time as you select tasks that allow you learn through the process You have the creative freedom which to many people is a breath of fresh air Flexible hours You can work whenever you want 

Any day any time You just have to keep track This is an excellent advantage as you also have the liberty to work from any place That can either be at home or even when you are on vacation You are your own boss Fees Another advantage is that you essentially get to charge what you think you are worth There are no restrictions on your fees Thus you can charge a higher rate and feel even more motivated to work Lifestyle As I said earlier a timetable is necessary However it really can be tailored to whatever you would like You can have the lifestyle you want as long as you keep up your productivity and workload Your work hours can be the same as a 9 5 yet you can shift things around to optimise time As a freelancer you want to be open minded You need to be a business owner and a creative individual at the same time Of course the need to build a portfolio and create stunning work is required but most importantly you need to focus on the clients covering your bills Many freelancers can be naive as they may operate for little to no money This is vital because once you have agreed upon your rates to a client it is hard to move that baseline The clients need to understand that your work is sufficient enough for them to pay fairly Joshua gave some vital pieces of information that I intend to carry with me on my journey Determination and Patience These two qualities are essential to have as a freelancer as nothing is secured It most definitely will not be consistent when you first start out Therefore I think it is crucial to have those two skills

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