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DNA and Forensic Science helped or hurt the issue of Death Penalty

Death penalty has been a way of punishing people since forever People were sentenced to death for the most minor things At one point in religion every sin committed was rewarded with death so it was a very crucial case According to what I read the Texan polls It seems like they still follow their old traditional ways and are still used to the old ways of punishing murderers with death They also support abortion and medically assisted suicide To me something like that really hurts because no matter what people say you never really understand a person s feelings because they mostly say what you want to hear and not the real fact From my research about 73 of Texans are still in support if death penalty and whereas 21 opposed I think the 73 is a very high percent compared to the opposed one every year it is the same thing that the majority is in support of death penalty or even life without parole The poll i researched about was a poll in 2015 by Pew Research Center which showed me that 56 of Americans support the death penalty whereas 44 don t support it These levels of support are the lowest so far recorded in the past 40 years The Pew Research stated that there has been a striking decline in the support among the democrats Going back towards 1996 about 71 supported capital punishment but now it has been reduced to 40 and also opposition to death penalty has grown from before among democrats more than twice over the last 20 years from 22 in 1994 to about 46 today Racial minorities have the lowest support for death penalty but I also think is different depending on the country in which you reside When they have been offered an alternative punishment of life without parole the people are mostly likely to spilt it with 50 favoring death penalty and 45 favoring life without parole

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