Essay Example on Frankenstein and The Monster have a very unique Friendship








Frankenstein and The Monster have a very unique friendship Frankenstein is a crazy scientist who has problems socializing with others due to this he only has a few friends The Monster is an extremely ugly creature that everyone dislikes All The Monster wants is Frankenstein s respect and friendship but that is not given to him Their friendship all depends on Frankenstein accepting The Monster s exterior if Frankenstein would have been able to respect The Monster they could have had a beautiful friendship but instead it was a peculiar relationship that many would not even call a friendship Frankenstein should have held himself responsible for the Monster that he created but instead he stayed quite distant from it After shooing The Monster away Frankenstein shows the theme of the novel which is that humans deny responsibility Many humans like to say they're going to do something just to feel good or to look cool in front of others and then end up not even following through with what they said This is pretty similar to the issue of Frankenstein shooing The Monster away Frankenstein is denying responsibility and he doesn't even realize that he is being irresponsible Frankenstein is the sole reason as to why The Monster has been created and is on this earth

This being said whatever wrongs The Monster commits will always end up falling back on Frankenstein Victor didn't leave his Monster because he didn't want to take care of it he left because he was scared and nervous of what he has just created No matter how scared he was he should have never left The Monster though Since Frankenstein left The Monster he might have thought that since he hasn't been taking care of it he isn't responsible for it but that is not true at all Frankenstein is completely responsible for his Monster because he is the one who gave The Monster life and The Monster does not understand what is right and wrong yet which is why it absolutely needed Victor to stay with him If Victor did not leave The Monster The Monster would have learned about morals and what's right or wrong It's a shame that Frankenstein left him because The Monster had potential to be somewhat normal because he was created with some of the basic knowledge that humans have Another way Frankenstein denied responsibility was by not creating a second monster for The Monster This was denying responsibility because he told The Monster he would do it but then he went back on his word It also denies responsibility because The Monster then ended up murdering people and going on a rampage which all falls back on Frankenstein because he is the reason for all the bad actions that

The Monster has committed Once The Monster found out that Frankenstein wasn't actually making him a Monster he ruined a wedding by torturing people And since The Monster didn t have any kind of guardian because of Frankenstein leaving him he didn't even realize how bad of actions he just created The Monster could have been such a nice person to everyone but since he had no one to raise him he had no clue how to behave Throughout the novel you can tell how The Monster is very friendly and just wants to be loved but from getting turned down over and over again he wasn t just considered a monster because he was an ugly creature he was considered a monster because of how he acted and all the bad actions he did Frankenstein denying responsibility is similar to real life scenarios as well This is very similar to fathers leaving their children either before birth or after birth just because they didn't feel like having the responsibility of taking care of a child When fathers leave their spouse or kids they're denying responsibility because the mother and child usually have to rely solely on the father's income but if the father leaves they have to figure out a new way to survive This relates to Frankenstein and The Monster because Frankenstein gave The Monster life just like father s in real life but then he leaves The Monster Him leaving The Monster has caused The Monster to not understand ways of life and certain morals When fathers leave their children at young ages the children also do not learn proper ways of life and certain morals Kids end up doing drugs and staying out late and disrespecting people Although The Monster doesn t act the same way as kids whose fathers left them he is similar to them because The Monster has been neglected just like the children which caused him to have a few breakouts which affected many people His breakouts were much worse than most kids breakouts because he ended up killing innocent lives Frankenstein should have taken more care of The Monster because The Monster was his responsibility and Frankenstein's actions are a big reason why The Monster did not turn out to be the friendly creature that he could have been

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