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Frankenstein's Monster Usually when people hear the name Frankenstein they immediately think of a big hideous monster covered in scars that was brought to life by electricity This is completely false as Frankenstein is the creator of the monster not the monster itself The book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is set in the late 1700 s and is about a man named Victor Frankenstein who creates a creature out of numerous body parts His hunger for knowledge has cursed him as the monstrous creature he made keeps coming back to haunt him A monster is usually defined as a creature who is hideous and does things that are morally wrong or evil Victor Frankenstein's creature is a monster because he has the physical features of a monster and he has killed a considerable amount of Victor s loved ones Frankenstein's creature is a monster because of his physical appearance Monsters have a hideous face that scares a lot of people especially young children Victor describes Frankenstein as His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles and arteries beneath his hair was of a lustrous black and flowing his teeth of a pearly whiteness but these luxuriances only formed a more horrid contrast with his watery eyes that seemed almost of the same colour as the dun white sockets in which they were set his shrivelled complexion and straight black lips 

Pg 43 This description of the creature cleary shows how ugly it is because no healthy human being would have yellow skin watery white eyes and straight black lips Also because he looks this way no one accepts the creature so he is an outcast in human society His creator Victor Frankenstein ran away from the creature the moment he saw him because of how ugly he was Victor did not care for the creature so it grew up by himself without a parent or guardian A study mentioned in the article The Need to Love by Raj Raghunathan says that babies who are deprived contact comfort particularly during the first six months after they are born grow up to be psychologically damaged Raghunathan This can be applied to the creature s situation because for the first couple of months after the creature was born he has had no contact comfort with Victor and even then it wasn t for another couple of years until Victor saw the creature for the first time since he was born It would not be surprising if the creature turned into more of a monster because of the lack of contact with a parental figure The creature is a monster because he has killed almost all of Victor s loved ones one of them being Victor s youngest brother William William was just a little boy who was walking in the woods when the creature saw him and decided that he should take the child and educate him about friendship 

The creature may have good intentions but to William he is just a big scary monster trying to snatch him and hurt him Even William called the creature a hideous monster before saying that his father was Mr Frankenstein and that he will be punished Hearing that William was related to Frankenstein angered the creature and he proceeded to strangle the child to death He then framed Justine who was a close friend of the Frankensteins of murdering William by placing a locket that William had onto her Justine would then be put on trial found guilty of the murder of William Frankenstein and then hanged Not only did the creature kill a child just because he was related to Frankenstein he also caused an innocent girl to die The creature also killed Victor s best friend and wife The creature asked Victor to make a female version of him so he won t be lonely and will have a companion Even though Victor reluctantly agrees and began the process of making the female creature he stopped halfway and decided to destroy it When the creature found out about this he said to Victor I shall be with you on your wedding night Pg 156 Shortly after this Victor s best friend Henry Clerval was killed This shows how the creature is just killing people as revenge for what Victor has done to him and his female creature Even though Henry s death was a clear warning that the creature would follow through with his promise Victor still doesn’t give him what he wants or at least attempt to talk it out and decides to marry Elizabeth The creature kept his promise and kills Victor's wife on their wedding night This shows how little the creature cares about other people He doesn't just kill the person that he doesn t like but chooses to kill all of their loved ones so they will suffer even more The creature could have killed Victor the moment he saw him but chose not to because he knew that killing Henry and Elizabeth would cause Victor to feel more pain than if he just killed him To sum things up the creature is a monster because of how his physical features are not those of a healthy human being and how ugly he is He is also a monster because he killed a lot of innocent people that have never hurt him he killed them to spite Victor as revenge for abandoning and not accepting him Violence is never the answer as he could have talked things out with Victor because in the end neither of them got what they wanted

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