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ADHD Attention deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD is a chronic neurodevelopmental disorder affecting eleven percent of school age children Symptoms further into adulthood in more than three quarters of cases Signs of ADHD fails to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes losses things forgets simple tasks has trouble with organization doesn t seem to listen talks a lot fidgets with hands or feet it is difficult to stay seated or sit still is easily distracted and avoids or dislikes tasks requiring sustained mental effort Although there has been so many tests and so many researchers looking into ADHD they have yet to determine how it is caused Scientists have discovered a strong genetic link since ADHD can run in families More than twenty genetic studies have shown evidence that ADHD is strongly inherited Other factors in the environment may increase the likelihood of having ADHD Exposure to lead or pesticides premature birth or low birth weight and even brain injury Scientists are still searching and looking into this disease and trying to figure out more about it and what we can do There are a few types of professionals who can diagnose ADHD clinical psychologists clinical social workers neurologists psychiatrists nurse practitioners and pediatricians

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Establishing and Maintaining Engagement

Establishing and Maintaining Engagement As referenced above the therapeutic relationship has been shown to be critical in determining good outcomes for patients It has been said that common factors play a key role in the therapeutic relationship and the more a practitioner invests in common factors skills the better their therapeutic relationship will be with patients Cahill et al 2008 They can account for a significant amount of client improvement Lambert Barley 2002 with some suggesting as much as 30 of the outcome Lambert 1992 Examples of common factors include a clear introduction the establishment of relevant expertise displaying a positive non judgmental attitude and demonstrating verbal non verbal competencies Richards and Whyte 2011 Rosenzweig 1936 first proposed the concept of common factors He observed that all forms of psychotherapy could point to notable successes He concluded that these successes could be explained by implicit common factors that exist across the seemingly diverse approaches which are perhaps more important than the specific factors To the contrary specific factors are defined as being unique to the particular therapy Katzow Safran 2007 e g problem statement or 5 areas conceptualization in CBT and there is some evidence that they have a greater effect compared to common factors on treatment outcomes Blow et al 2007

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For agribusiness Internet systems Become Valuable

The Web as a new media growing dramatically does not only act as communication vehicle but also as a distribution channel Nowadays traditional agricultural suppliers and manufacturers want to transform the way business is conducted in agriculture because the Internet has become the pivotal point for new agriculture investments Rural communities and small scale agricultural producers figure out how agricultural business can be improved from the Internet Recognizing the value of the Internet they understand that everyone is affected by global economic environmental and political forces Information about interest rates tariffs changing trade patterns new transportation systems can be tailored to local regional and national needs and realities Winer 2011 For agribusiness Internet systems become valuable strategic planning and decision making tool with its ability to communicate quickly with potential buyers and brokers flexibility to change crop choices develop products for niche markets The move to the Internet is brought about by many reasons Increased importance of gathering exchange and use of information the quick communication flow among businesses and customers lead to expectations of substantial cost savings and great responsiveness to customers Cross 2000 It is evident the Internet gave access to a larger customer base that is geographically diverse to generate not only convenient transactions more efficiently but also build relationships as cited in Henderson Dooley Akridge and Carerre 2005 p 44

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