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Frédéric Chopin born 1810 is known as the Poet of the Piano for his remarkable compositional abilities melodies and songwriting Over his lifetime Chopin composed dozens of pieces under many different musical forms First and foremost Chopin composed around 10 waltzes which were written in triple meter or ¾ time A waltz is a musical form that was very popular in the Romantic Period and was composed to be danced to In a waltz usually the left hand will play a low single note which relates to the two chords it is followed by For example Chopin's Waltz Op 64 No 2 is in the key of C sharp minor and the left hand begins in the second measure with a low C sharp followed by two higher inverted C sharp minor chords This sets the basis for what a waltz can be shaped into If the left hand is doing this it needs to keep a steady rhythm throughout the entire piece 

Also Chopin s melodies tend to be very chromatic which appears here as well Many waltz are played very fast like the Minute Waltz and Chopin's waltzes are not meant to be danced to which is unlike its origins Chopin also composed 24 preludes Preludes are short and technical ideas which usually was played before another piece like a fugue which Bach did However Chopin wrote his preludes as independent pieces or what could also be a collection of twenty four pieces rather than an introduction to another composition They have many different time signatures focus on differing technical challenges and most are extremely difficult to play They also repeat frequently and have melodic and rhythmic motifs Additionally Chopin was famous for his nocturnes which he composed around 21 of 

A nocturne is a musical composition reminiscent and influenced by the mood created by the nighttime Chopin's nocturnes were usually in a A B A form and were very dramatic and somber Nocturnes like preludes have many different time signatures ranging from ¾ to 12 8 In a nocturne there is a distinct melody that is supported by arpeggios and other broken chords These factors make nocturnes extremely lyrical and eloquent Over his lifetime Chopin only released three piano sonatas one of which was released posthumously Sonatas are musical compositions with multiple movements each very different from the other in terms of mood dynamics sound etc The first movement of most sonatas are composed using sonata form Sonata form is written in three sections exposition development and recapitulation In summary the musical themes are clearly defined expanded on and finally reiterated Also sonata form emphasizes a lot on dynamics These first movements are usually fast The second movements typically contain a slower tempo and the last movement is also typically fast again If there are four movements one of the movements usually in the middle of the composition will be a less complicated and dance style movement Chopin is also very famous for his études

He composed two sets of twelve études and three others An étude was in the beginning considered an exercise for musicians but eventually became a musical composition created to let musicians practice certain skills that was also pleasing to the listener For example Étude Op 25 No 9 otherwise known as the Butterfly Étude focuses on detached octaves and being able to articulate the pedal Like the preludes it is shorter than other pieces of music is very technical and is written in many different time signatures Chopin wrote around 59 mazurkas and they differed from the traditionally ones written at the time Traditionally they were a Polish folk dance which he used as a basis but 

Chopin created an entire new category with his mazurkas The difference was that Chopin incorporated multiple new ideas into the mazurkas he wrote including classical techniques However he does use heavy repetition like a traditional mazurka Like the waltz which was also a dance Mazurkas also were played in triple meter or with a ¾ time signature Mazurkas also had strong accents that were placed on the third or second beat rather than the first Since it was a folk dance it was usually played at an energetic tempo although Chopin did not compose his mazurkas to be danced to Furthermore Chopin composed four ballades which are very lyrical dramatic and almost sound as if it is telling a story or speaking During that period ballades varied and one of the recurring elements of Chopin s four ballades seemed to be the time signature which was mostly 6 8 For Chopin they were only one movement and were in a form created by Chopin called ballade form The reason that these pieces don't follow sonata form is because there are many large differences

One difference is the mirror reprise which takes the two themes from the exposition and plays them in reverse order at the end section the recapitulation Many consider Chopin a pioneer of Ballades as he influenced other composers later on who wrote ballades Lastly Chopin wrote about 23 polonaises for solo piano He wrote his first one at only seven years old A polonaise is similar to a mazurka in that its a Polish dance and is composed in triple meter Its tempo is generally a moderate or slow speed Polonaises can have many different rhythms that are unique and diverse but there are also parts of every polonaises rhythm that can link some to others All in all most of Chopin's works stand out from other composers because of what he introduced to traditional music forms and classical music as a whole during the Romantic Period

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