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Games have gotten so addictive that children could spend all of their time playing these games The game a child chooses to plays could have a positive or a negative impact on their life According to Stephen McKinney a Professor of Education at the University of Glasgow children who learn to play chess at a young age usually show high levels of intelligence However this theory does not necessarily apply to video games especially ones considered violent But what is a video game A video game is a style of entertainment where the player participates in some form of virtual story or action That's right most people would label a video game as a form of entertainment So why ban it Banning violent video games would be a horrendous idea because there would be a loss of jobs due to lack of revenue from game sales and violent is not an easily defined term One reason banning violent video games would be a horrible idea is the loss of jobs due to a lack of revenue from game sales As of 2018 the average game developer had a salary of 85 877 a year Game Developer Salaries So let's say that violent video games end up getting banned That could lead to them losing their possessions home car and if they have nowhere else to go possibly having to live on the streets 

A second argument for not banning violent video games is that a mass amount of people going unemployed would not be good for America's economy As of 2009 44 806 people were working in the game development field McMillin With one person losing their job there is one less person that will pay state and federal income taxes and additional sales tax revenue because a laid off worker will instantly cut back on non necessary spending due to less disposable income and worry about future financial security Hudson So when 44 806 are added to the countless numbers of unemployed civilians in the United States the damage that will be caused is almost unimaginable Banned violent video games would hurt individuals and the economy Another reason violent video games should not be banned is because violent is not an easily definable term Although the word is commonly used it does not have much conceptual value It s value seems to be mainly emotional and convinces the audience to despise the games before data is even presented This nation has gotten to the point that upon hearing the words violent video game they think of how it is damaging the minds of youth or giving children behavioral issues before any real data is presented Unless they have real evidence to support their statements people who argue to ban violent video games should consider the true meaning of violent video games and not what their biased minds think A second point that furthers proves that violence is not easily defined is that parents are so worried about violent video games but they should be just as worried about a violent book Since violent is such a broad term violent books would group The Bible with Stephen King Shakespeare with comic books etc because we assume these books are all the same since they happen to include violence That is ridiculous Yet we do it with video games violent video games is a very broad term that could include anything from Pac Man to the Oregon Trail and up to Grand Theft Auto 

For these reasons and more violent video games should not be banned Some people argue that violent video games should be banned because it causes aggressive behavior They believe this because some studies such as the one led by Craig Anderson director of the Center for the Study of Violence at Iowa State University claims that the kids that played more hours of violent video games per week had increased aggressive behavior and violent tendencies compared to those who played fewer hours a week Park This is inaccurate because a second study led by Anderson showed that both undergraduates who played violent video games and undergraduates that played non violent games were equally likely to help a scientist pick up a dropped pen Therefore demonstrating violent video games do not cause a change in empathy and do not cause aggressive behavior In summation violent video games should not be banned for many reasons In a world with numerous problems such as wars and global warming we as a people should not be wasting time and resources on debating over whether or not violent video games should be banned Banning violent video games would be a horrible idea since there would be a loss of jobs due to lack of revenue from game sales and violent is not an easily defined term In today's world violent video games should be at the bottom of the hierarchy of social issues list Violent video games were made for entertainment and for people to enjoy

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