Running Head GENDER AND CULTURE DIFFERENCES 1 GENDER ROLES AND GENDER IDENTITY INFLUENCE BY CULTURE BY PSYCHOLOGY HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT CONCORDE CAREER COLLEGE 1 14 2018 Children are uncovered to many factors which influence their attitudes and conducts regarding gender roles These attitudes and behaviors are generally learned in the home and are then fortified by the child s peers school occurrence and the media Research information indicates that gender roles vary across the life sequence as adults break to meet the requirements of new situations and conditions such as parenting Women inclined to how more meaningful distinguishing in parenthood and men more involved characteristics 1966 Lawrence Kohlberg considered gender development as a three stage process in which children first learn their identity as I am a boy then gender stability I will always be a boy and grow up to be a man that sink into the child and finally gender constancy Even if I wore a dress I would still be a boy that can t be changed all the child knows by that age of six years Gender role growth is one of the greatest major areas of human training In fact the sex of a newborn sets the plan for the entire array of developmental knowledge that will power the human during his or her life even before children can label their own sex consistently they have begun to acquire common associations with gender men as rough and harsh women as lenient and round In one study 18 month olds connected such items as fir trees and hammers with males although they had not yet learned comparable female associations

Gender typing at this stage the female can identify that pink is for female and blue is male 

Children develop gender typed models of conduct and penchants as early as age 14 to 36 months Girls incline to imitate excluding firmly to gender role stereotypes than do boys perhaps because there is countless stress from parents and teachers for boys to stick to the male role Girls may also mimic the male character since it has greater status and privilege in our culture Some boys and girls obtain support for cross gender comportment most are inspired to behave according to traditional stereotypes Example when one gets pink cloth the female kids in the house are happy is for one of them Beginning at birth from some Africans it could be general parents have different expectations of sons than of daughters Many parents prefer that their children play with gender appropriate toys Blakemore Hill 2008 Gender identity refers to the feeling that one is male female or transgender Many things add to the configuration of gender identity including society family and influences that are in status before birth Transgender individuals may be affected by the genitals of one sex but a gender identity usually associated with the other example a person born with a penis who feels female may identify as transgender

The culture can influence gender identity especial in African cultures were by transgender is not accepted is taboo and in the Muslim religious the strong members do not allow their females to associate with their males not covering up properly Gender roles which could be referred as cultural and personal lifestyle abducted from childhood for many and the society at enlarge This could determine how the males and the females think speak dress and interrelate within the background of society This kind of role is where the father teaches the male kids how to handle issues as men and fix things in the house while mother teaches their female children how to cook clean and learn a lot on how to keep a home Having researched the country called NIGERIA there is a terror group known as Boko Haram from the northern part of the country are fighting against gender equity they don t want western education and their young girl from 9 year old are up for marriage This is group abducted almost 300 girls and got some pregnant all because they don t want the western education which will also make their girls to be educated as well The ladies believe all that has to do with child rearing belongs to the women men are meant for war Today a lot of females are educated and in the top position both in the force field and political position that did not stop the terrors called Boko Haram from terrorizing the peace of the country or rather the northern part of the country all to end western education References Kail R V 2016 Human Development a Lifespan View Australia CENGAGE Learning http highered mheducation co m sites 0072820144 student_vie w0 chapter15 index html http www encyclopedia com children applied and social sciences magazines gender role development

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