Essay Example on Gender Social Media and Gender Difference in the Usage of Facebook Research








1 Introduction This research has been made to have an overlook at the gender social media and gender difference in the usage of Facebook Gender is mostly wrongly known in society Gender should not be defined only with sex Sex comes from biology and anatomy Gender should be defined as a deserved or reached statue in the society Gender means something we preffer or chosing to be someone Humans are not born to be only man or woman They have right tob e who they want this is their social life At this point gender sex are split Social media can define as a activity of common interest on internet There are several applications recently on the web such as Facebook Twitter Instagram There are different purposes of using them Photo sharing communication Locations definations and posting for example At the last years usage of social media has grown so fast Compare with previous years different age and gender groups have also been intagrated into users zone Except being social media they are also being used for business purposes as well It is one of the reasons that social media is playing that important role currently 2 Gender Gender Differences In Usage Of Social Media 2 1 Gender And Society It is very common statement that gender and sex divides the labor into parts According to George Murdock s researches by using 224 countries as sample within the research results that sex is an important factor while splitting economical activities

Murdock used 46 activities to get a healthy result out of his research and as a overlook result shown that most of the avtivities were more masculine than feminine For example Lumbering hunting fishing mining are mostly accepted as masculine activities while cooking for husband raising the children carrying the water and doing house tasks are accepted as feminine activities Given examples are not the same rules of the society in every country but commonly used and accepted rules in general terms Every society has different approaches and rules coming from deep traditions in this case it can differ 2 1 1 Why What is the reason of splitting feminine and masculine in activities Woman in activities have lots of feminine responsibilities Woman gives birth and pregnancy is a hard process which is also limiting the activities of woman giving birth does not stop the process they have to breastfeed the baby and every child needs some certain amount of time with mother In this while man masculine activities have to fulfill the absence of woman and do hard tasks From the point of biology is also hard for woman to do the same tasks as man do because of strength and masculinity Apart from given informations there are some rules which society puts and accepts as it is already mentioned 2 2 Religion And Gender Across Europe At the early centuries European countries have experienced a decrease in importance and meaning of religious issues Most of the researches proving that it is true Secularization was the major factor of erasing the effect of religion Second reason was gender differences There is a strong relation between religion and gender As an example we can put Christianity to forward Christianity is builded on masculinity which is putting borders between genders Woman is charged with house tasks and man is charged mostly to take care of the economical issues of the family and protect back then Despite it is partly historical traces are still visible mostly in eastern European countries

Countries with the feminine ideology mostly northerners are more secularized compare with masculine minded countries Secularity brings modernness Religiousness effect and modernization are two enemies to each other When one gets weak other one gets stronger When the religion effect has decreased in Europe urbanization industry technology have improved 2 3 Facebook Usage And Purposes Facebook is a social networking website with over 1 3 billion active users worldwide As a highly popular social networking service Facebook can be used by applications and also web based and very easy accessible The network is reaching over millions and composed of different groups of people Different genders identities nationalities and ages Facebook has established on finding friends family and making a social life based on the web at the first step Between members many activities are possible such as photo share video share Apart from all members can comment on share or like any of the content that has been shared with the group Rather than all use of facebook it is also a great database system as it is obtaining all information also personal information of all members Hobbies of people their age where do they live and much other information These information are very useful for states and firms For marketing departments facebook plays a very big role From the perspective of marketing it is deadly important which customers to target and how Facebook has all these data to provide

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