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Genetic engineering is the changing or altering of DNA in a genome The goal of genetic engineering is to add more delete traits that are not yet discovered in the organism It means that they are extracting DNA from another organism's genome to another organism This is often done to cause microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses Funk Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia 2017 Genetic engineering could cure deadly disease such as cancer by reprogramming the human immune system which it provides resistance to infection and toxins that T cells white blood cells that fight the virus normally How it works is that they take out the T cell from the human's blood and inserting synthetic genes which make them recognize cancer cells After this process is done they put the cell back to the human so the 

T cell attacks the human This kind of method is very different from the ordinary curing method such as taking drugs this is what they think they can do and the scientists are doing research on this kind of method by genetic engineering it hasn't been tested on a human before These engineered cells can be thought of as highly complicated little robots since it was reprogrammed At present the patient's own T cells are typically used for this treatment This method could be imported in the future and less and fewer people will die out of cancer this is the 1st benefit of genetic engineering Merrifield 2013 

Another benefit of genetic engineering is making a better economy by farming You can produce a plant that is much stronger resisting extreme weather by genetic engineering with low energy materials used to plant crops About 1 3 billion people do not have a secure access to food Many of these are also countryside farmers in developing countries depending almost everything on minor agriculture for their own subsistence and to ensure their own living Genetic engineering and genetic modification comes in and take place they modify the genetics of the plants so they live in extreme condition such as dry area or extreme cold condition One example will be corn corn has been developed so that they have the resistance to the herbicide glyphosate That will be the 2nd benefit of genetic engineering Drake 2008 People might think a designer baby is something good But humans are made in proportion to balancing the needs and the skills the world need If our technology with genetic engineering someday reaches to the point where we can make a designer baby then the balance will be way off 

All of the parents will want their baby to have a high IQ and some traditional skill will be lost For example everyone focuses on one thing and that is trading or economic who is going to do kinds of stuff like coal mining provides resources natural energy Let's take a look at another example in China they still have a traditional feeling of boys over girls If all of them make their baby boys then who is going to provide our next generation The population is going to be men over women and population will start to decrease Designer baby is a good thing from what it sounds but if we really think of what designer babies could do to the future it won't be as good as what you think Rinkesh 2017 One more idea I came up with is that if we combine the idea of microeconomics and designer baby parents want their baby to have high IQ every parent want it so they will have the same skill 

That means almost all of the supplier will enter the same market causing market equilibrium price of the product they produce to fall If the firm's profit is lower than its average variable cost which 100 going to happen than the firm will be forced to shut down So that is why we shouldn't have designer babies Now in the world our food chain is in order Genetic engineering can make a certain animal stronger and introducing it into the wild or releasing it to the wild might cause an irreversible outcome to the the food chain causing a disorder in food chain For example if a new species is introduced and that species could be on top of the food chain causing a shortage in any certain type of species inside the food chain and cause all of the population to decline I will have to be against genetic engineering I know that genetic engineering on humans can prevent disease I don't think we need to prevent disease we have to go with nature law Life is like this you don't know when you will die People are selfish they want to live longer but don t care about the outcome such as overpopulating So I think it is better to go with nature Same as crops other animals how do our ancestors live that long without crop animals being genetically engineered so I think there is no point of genetic engineering That is why I am against with genetic engineering

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