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Geography Mexico is located on the continent of North America Mexico covers 1 943 945 square kilometers 1207911 422 square miles It also covers 20 430 square kilometers of water 12694 613 square miles These statistics make it the 14th largest nation in the world with a grand total area of 1 964 375 square kilometers 1220606 036 square miles Mexico shares land borders with three countries United States of America Guatemala and Belize To the north lies the United States Mexico border which extends for 3 141 kilometers 1 952 miles through Baja California Sonora Chihuahua Coahuila Nuevo León and Tamaulipas To the southeast lies the Belize Mexico border which is 251 kilometers 156 miles Also in the southeast is the Guatemala border which is 871 kilometers 541 miles long and touches Quintana Roo Campeche Tabasco and Chiapas The United States is about 5 times the size of Mexico The United States is 9 833 517 square kilometers while Mexico is 1 964 375 square kilometers 201 million more people live in the United States than Mexico The capital of Mexico is called Mexico City which was originally founded as Tenochtitlán and has a population of about 21 million people Mexico City is the 6th largest city in the world Mexico City has 16 boroughs It is located in the Valley of Mexico a high plateau area with a height of 7545 feet Mexico City is the center of financial political and cultural power in the country

The first idea of Mexico City was by the Aztecs when they built the city of Tenochtitlan on an island in the center of a Valley of Mexico lake system It was built with bridges connecting to the mainland with causeways for canoes to pass through The bridges could be easily removed at a given time to defend the city It had been the capital of the Aztecs until the Spanish captured it in 1521 This makes it the oldest city in the Americas and one of the only two that had been founded by the Native Americans The climate of Mexico varies according to the region Along the coast of Mexico it is hot and humid making it unbearable during the summer In the inland communities at high elevations such as Guadalajara which is located 5200 feet above sea level the climate is much drier and more temperate Mexico City which is located at 7545 feet above sea level can reach freezing temperatures in the winter There are snow capped volcanoes located near Mexico City San Miguel de Allende experiences somewhat colder temperatures due to being close to Mexico City Winters in Mexico are mild Temperatures drop to 51 8 F 11 C but sometimes goes below freezing In January the temperature has dropped to 17 6 F 8 C The coldest temperatures occur in Mexico City 

The elevation of Mexico s cities varies between zero and 8200 feet above sea level It varies so much that it provides relief settlement opportunities at a wide range of elevations Mexico City has an average elevation of about 2250 meters 7400 feet Puebla Toluca is almost 400 meters higher Huixquilucan and Zinacantepec has an elevation just over 2700 meters The cities near the lower end of this range include Oaxaca Saltillo and Guadalajara Aguascalientes Querétaro Morelia and León are all at elevations close to 1800 meters The highest point in Mexico is Pico de Orizaba at 5610 meters 18410 miles The lowest point is near Mexicali at 10 meters 33 feet Mexico has an area of 756 066 square miles The distance between the north and the south is 1 250 miles East west is 1 900 miles Its coastline is 6 320 miles Mexico has a population of about 130 759 074 people as of 2018 Since 2017 the population has gone up about 1 595 798 people and will continue to rise at about the same rate The fertility rate is 2 26 births per woman Mexico s population is equivalent to 1 71 of the total world population Mexico has a wide variety of ethnic groups Mexican Mestizo is the largest ethnic group in Mexico and the people account for about 62 of the total population in Mexico Thes second largest ethnic group is the Amerindians or Native Americans making up around 27 of the total population White European Mexicans take up about 9 of the population Black Mexicans has a population sizing up to 1 of the total population Arab Mexicans are the smallest ethnic group in Mexico making up the last 1 of Mexico along with other rare ethnic groups 

There are over 20 languages spoken in Mexico The most spoken language in Mexico is Spanish with over 110 million speakers It is spoken throughout Mexico Nahuatl is the second most spoken language have about 2 million speakers and is mostly spoken in central Mexico English is the third most spoken language with having 2 million speakers It is spoken throughout Mexico The fourth most spoken language are the Mayan languages with 1 5 million speakers It is mostly spoken in southeastern Mexico Mixtec is the fifth most spoken language with about 475 000 speakers It is spoken in southwestern Mexico The least spoken language is Cuicateco with 13 000 speakers It is spoken

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