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In 1933 The Germans and Americans were ready for a new phase in their lives They made a change by making it precise by choosing new leaders to lead them into a better and promising future for their country Both leaders came into power after World War 1 in 1933 They were both dealing with the obstacles of the war President Franklin Roosevelt was chosen to be President of the United States because he had a great attitude and he was filled with charisma He brought hope and peace to the people and made them believe that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself Franklin D Roosevelt First inaugural speech 1933 Meanwhile Chancellor of Germany Adolph Hitler was appealing to the German people with a sincere and passionate message of strength unity and a better improvement of their country He wanted to replenish Germany so that the people would have prosperous lives They were knowledgeable that they were both controlling nations that were getting better from the circumstances of the war or depression They both knew that they had to establish a plan of action to turn things around and make their country better again Needless to say citizens were desperate for a leader to bring their country back to where it was and so they trust both of these leaders 

During Chancellor Adolph Hitler's first addressed speech he stated that It is the nation vanishing away Berlin Proclamation to the German Nation 1933 He concluded that the that the power of the nation was in turmoil because they were being unrealistic and blinded by promises from foes at home and abroad Berlin Proclamation to the German Nation 1933 which guided the people of Germany to be led astray He believed that the important cause of the country's problems that they were facing now was the unity of ideologies culture economic strengths and unity In addition Hitler stated that We never received the equality and fraternity we had promised and we lost our liberty to boot Berlin Proclamation to the German Nation 1933 With that being said the Germans had no other choice but to protect themselves their properties and most of all their freedom On the other hand President Franklin Roosevelt believed the war was the problem for all of the citizens of the United States According to his Inaugural speech he stated that the increase of taxes farmers were not profiting from their crops the current trade has stopped the values have diminished in great levels government are faced with curtail incomes farmers are not finding markets for their crops and the savings of many years for families are gone Franklin D Roosevelt First inaugural speech 1933 In other words the daily living for many citizens was minimized due to lack of availability of programs to assist the public way of earning income President Roosevelt also believed that there had to be a change of ethics culture government and upholding of the ethical values of the public offices He wanted to do good by helping the American people He stated that This nation asks for action and action now Our greatest primary task is to put people to work Franklin D Roosevelt First inaugural speech 1933 After the war many citizens were jobless and could not flourish as a country President Roosevelt had set up a plan of action to make a change for a better economy

Financing banking and the overall economy of our country would be stimulated by the jobs produced and there must be strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments there must be an end to speculation with other people's money and there must be provision for an adequate but sound currency Franklin D Roosevelt First inaugural speech 1933 In addition to his plan he stated that he would have overseers to monitor agriculture and place the people of the country first Franklin D Roosevelt First inaugural speech 1933 Furthermore he believed that the people with power and money were to themselves and did not care about helping the masses His vision was to locate ways of putting public policy to work in order to provide jobs opportunities and resources to benefit the American people Chancellor Adolph Hitler was angry at the state of his country He created a plan to get rid of the issues Germany was facing He stated that millions of industrial proletariat are unemployed and starving the whole of the middle class and the small artisans have been impoverished Berlin

Proclamation to the German Nation 1933 With that being said they made sure the German working class people were taking care of Hitler s aim was to increase employment rate and improve agricultural problems Farmers were very important because they are an important source of income to the country He started a four year plan to ensure that unemployment rate would increase In addition trade businesses federal states fiscal systems and commerce were initiated Berlin Proclamation to the German Nation 1933 In addition The National Government considers its highest mission to be the securing of the right to live and the freedom to our nation Berlin Proclamation to the German Nation 1933 This statement was in reference to the foreign policy Hitler believed that most importantly was to be free from the lack of freedom that Germany faced set by the Treaty of Versailles and the punishment they had to endure after World War I They believed in freedom and equal rights and justice for everyone Focusing on both these leaders ideologies they both wanted unity for their country Their aim was to boost up their country and economic growth However Hitler s message appeared to be forceful and pushy On the other hand President Roosevelt appeared calm and all about finding progress for his people In addition the speech emphasized clearly who was a dictator and who really was a democrat

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