Essay Example on Germany's speed limit of 178 MPH is contributing to the growing pollution Crisis









HEI conflict Germany's speed limit 178 MPH is contributing to the growing pollution crisis Pollution is a growing crisis in Germany and the speed limit is only making it worse The speed limit isn't the only cause to the pollution but it is one of the main contributors Due to the amount of Carbon Dioxide being produced while going at such a fast speed there is way more Carbon Dioxide in the air than there should be HEI solution The government-proposed solution to this problem is to cut down the speed limit to seventy five mph A few million tons of carbon dioxide will be saved by just cutting down the speed limit Less expensive than other proposed solutions Germany should make an investment on hybrid cars because it doesn't use gas it uses electricity This is an expensive solution but it is worth it for the environment If the hybrid cars and the cut speed limit both go into play in Germany then the pollution rate will go down immensely and there will be a lot of benefits CC Conflict Many people in Germany are expected to be homeless and are homeless 

The percentage of people becoming homeless is expected to rise to 1 2 million people As said by the Federal Homelessness Association 1 1 people have immigrated to Germany making it hard to find shelter Half the people who are homeless in Germany are immigrants The number of people living in shelters is expected to rise by 40 percent CC Solution There is no direct government proposed solution to this problem The german government should stop letting so many immigrants into Germany The homelessness number will only rise if they keep letting people in Germany should make a non profit organization to help the homeless people in need Build shelters for them Build homes for them Take care of their basic necessities The non profit organization would encourage people to come support the homeless and donate things like Water Food Blankets Necessities Location Absolute location 51 1657 N 10 4515 E Relative location Germany is located in both the eastern and northern hemispheres Germany is in central Europe Place Physical characteristics of Germany include the Alps Lake Constance and the Black Forest Some cultural traditions and traits include some of the original christian holidays which include Christmas which is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ Easter which is the celebration of Jesus Christ's resurrection German Unification The day which is celebrated on October 3rd recognizes the coming together of west and east Germany

This is the only federal holiday Oktoberfest is a big beer dash in Germany It starts on a Saturday in September and usually lasts for sixteen to eighteen days It ends on the first Sunday in the month of October Region The region that Germany is located in is Europe 70 percent of Germany follows the Christian religion The Ethnic makeup of Germany is as follows 88 2 percent is German 3 4 percent is Turkish 1 percent is Italian 7 percent is Greek 5 5 percent is other Human Environment Interaction The natural resources of Germany include Timber coal arable land nickel and salt The people of the country has influenced the country by the immense amount of industrialization being taken place Germany had the worst air ground and water pollution out of all the countries in Europe Many acts have been taken place to try and solve the pollution issue Petrol Lead Concentration Act Federal Emission Protection Act Effluency Levies Act The Environment Influences the lives of people by Increases the risk for respiratory asthma and illness More exposure to ground ozone which exposes to for 7 hours can decrease normal healthy lung function Movement Major exports of Germany include Cars Vehicle parts Machinery Major imports of Germany include Cars Computers Crude petroleum Five Fun Facts If someone escapes from prison it is not punishable by law College education is free even for internationals Smoking is banned in some places but drinking is legal wherever 

Germany has a law where they have a say in what babies are named The law states that the name has to denote a gender or use a family name as the first name Germany was the first country to adopt daylight savings time Religion Germany's main religion is Christianity Traditions Birthdays Invitations are sent to other children Parents set up the party Just like America the birthday song is sung with candles Funerals The ceremony takes place 3 to 4 days after the person passes The priests are dressed in black and violet robes The priests sprinkle the coffin with holy water Priest gives a short speech Economy GDP PPP 3 8 trillion One and a half percent growth Capital Berlin Language The main language of Germany is German Ninety five percent of the population speaks German Physical Features Major Landforms Harz Mountains Wooded Rothaargebirge Mountains Rhine River Valley Northern European Plain Flat lowland terrain Mostly used as farmland North Sea Coastline Low Wet Mudflats Variety of islands

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