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Give your baby a smoke free start to life We know that it can be difficult to stop smoking However we additionally realize that you need to give your infant an ideal begin throughout everyday life The dangers of smoking amid pregnancy are not kidding from unexpected labour to expanded danger of premature delivery stillbirth or sudden baby demise Stopping smoking is extraordinary compared to other things you and your accomplice can do to enable your child to grow soundly amid pregnancy and past Regardless of what arrange you re at in your pregnancy it's never past the point where it is possible to quit smoking It can be troublesome however smoking is substantially more destructive to your infant than any anxiety stopping may bring When you smoke you take in more than 4 000 chemicals from the cigarette The smoke goes from your lungs into your circulation system That blood streams to your placenta and umbilical line directly into your infant s minor body This makes your infant battle for oxygen At in the first place not smoking might be new and energizing It s the best kind of progress Individuals will praise you You have a privilege to be glad so appreciate it Be that as it may at that point what How would you stay sans smoke when life backpedals to typical Plan ahead to battle enticement Know about signs that caution of a slip Smoking amid pregnancy can bring about lower birth weight and in addition distortions in the infant Smoking almost copies the danger of low birthweight babies In 2004 11 9 of children destined to smokers had low birthweight when contrasted with just 7 2 of infants destined to non smokers All the more particularly new born children destined to smokers weigh by and large 200 grams not as much as babies destined to ladies who don t smoke Benefits of a Smoke Free Pregnancy Smoking is known to have an effect on the baby before it is born

The dangerous chemicals which are present in cigarette it passed to baby through mother's placenta There are two main components which are highly effect to the womb These components named as carbon monoxide and nicotine These chemicals decrease the measure of bloodstream the child gets An infant presented to tobacco smoke in utero and through detached smoking as a baby will probably create type II diabetes mellitus coronary illness kidney ailment and be large as grown ups This hazard is expanded regardless of whether they are non smokers for the duration of their lives Fortunately by halting smoking mother and infant advantage straight away Stopping smoking at any phase of the pregnancy or baby blues period is perfect for diminishing the danger of destructive wellbeing results for moms babies and their families Reduced chance of bleeding during the pregnancy Reduced chance of delivering prematurely Greater chance that the child will be conceived a sound weight Goals and objectives Long term goals To reduce the risk of low weight birth rate of new born babies among community As a protection the main goals of smoke free living programme are to eliminate Ontarians pregnant women exposure to second hand tobacco smoke to avoid passive smoking effects on body Short term goals To encourage pregnant women to spend time with non smokers and people who have stopped smoking To encourage the pregnant women to avoid and quit smoking and encourage them to live in smoke free environment Communication objectives

To reduce the prevalence of smoking in pregnancy from 10 5 to 6 or less To provide Support of efforts to reduce non medically indicated early term deliveries prior to 39 weeks gestation To establish message that may motivate women of child bearing age who smoke and pregnant women who smoke to make a quit attempt to explore ways to best communicate these messages Situation analysis Communication goals members will have the capacity to recognize the complexities of stopping smoking portray the parts that nicotine fixation and inspiration play in the stopping procedure and characterize best practices for smoking end They will likewise have the capacity to distinguish and por tray pharmacological and non pharmacological suspension procedures Also Identify the different smoking end intercessions including populace and individual approaches Recognize the normal projects and approaches for security and anticipation and Compare structures for assessing tobacco control projects and strategies likewise Identify current arrangement dis cusses in the field of tobacco control for pregnant ladies Resources available For the spreading of information we will take a staff member as a resource who will able to explain the consequences of smoking cessation during pregnancy As well as the role of consultants is very important in the field of educating pregnant women and their families Be cause consultants are the best source of transmitting the information in such health awareness topics Although we definitely cover a space as a resource which is available for counselling of pregnant ladies and their ladies regarding smoking harms Before organising health awareness programme we need budget to make an arrangement for the active involving and participation of women either community This training session is complete by the month of October this year 2017

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