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My Unapologetic Proposal Global warming is now on the rise which scientist believe that global warming would cause great damage to the mother earth due to climate changes For instance scientist estimated that about 50 of the glacier in the Arctic and Antarctica would melt by the year 2031 due to high records of global temperature We all also know that once the damage happens it can never be recovered even after trillions of years Global warming is caused by many factors such pollution deforestation greenhouse effect and many more The effects of global warming are drastic and we are already experiencing some of them In 2017 North American countries specifically the US and Mexico experienced a number of hurricanes earthquakes and wildfires which altogether caused about five hundred billion damages and approximately sixty two million people lost their lives The question is who is to be blamed for this Maybe the animals can be blamed for eating and recklessly dump their fecal matters on the environment The environment can also be blamed for its existence in the world Perhaps humans can also be blamed for this catastrophe because millions of million years ago plants and animals occupied Mother Earth However the earth didn t experience any inconsistency in climate change until humans occupied it 

The first climate change was the Ice Age which was experienced by every continent in the world particularly the northern hemisphere of the earth Therefore my unapologetic proposal as a fellow human is for we humans to emigrate out of the earth to space because it would restore the ozone layer and also conserve the natural environment To begin with human emigration from earth to space would restore the ozone layer The ozone layer shields and reduces the effects of UltraViolet rays on the earth However the activities of humans greenhouse effect and air pollution have been depleting the ozone layer at a rate that in a few years the ozone layer would extinct from the surface of the earth Humans are hypocrites who are always trying to find ways in order to solve the issue of global warming but at the same time use methods and engage in activities that contribute to global warming such as the burning of fossil fuels and emission of air pollutants from factories into the atmosphere The US burns about 50 million tons of fossil fuel a year in order to generate electricity for the country which generates about 2 5 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere 

Hence if humans were to disappear from the earth there would be no burning of fossil fuels since plants and animals do not need electricity for their daily activities In addition plants get their energy from the sun to manufacture their food and animals either depend on plants on their preys to survive so they would no emission of air pollutants into the atmosphere such as fumes from exhaust pipes of cars because plants are immobile and animals do not travel via automobiles As time passes by plants would absorb the remaining CO2 in the atmosphere to manufacture their food This would restore the depleted ozone layer on the surface of the earth Moreover human disappearance from the earth would conserve the environment Human activities such as deforestation to manufacture materials to satisfy the needs of man As stated in the previous paragraph plants help clear CO2 from the atmosphere However as humans cut down plants for construction of buildings and others there would be fewer plants to absorb the CO2 from the atmosphere in order to prevent building up of toxins in the ozone layer About nine hundred trillion of trees are caught down every year globally for human use Therefore if humans were to emigrate from earth to space the environment would heal on its own and prevent the extinction of different species because plants are the primary source of food in the ecosystem and many living organisms depend on plants to survive and also for shelter

Since there would be no humans there would be more tropical forests for animals to live in and also there would be no droughts as time goes on because there would be more afforestation than deforestation On contrary to my proposal people might argue that humans are trying their best to manufacture eco friendly products to satisfy their needs in order to minimize global warming They also are enacting laws to protect endangered species on earth and prevent the extinction of them Furthermore humans are setting up institutions and organizations such as Environmental Protection Agency EPA monitor deforestation of tropical forests afforestation of species of plants to replace the old ones and emission of carbon compounds into the atmosphere However these activities are not effective to ensure the restoration of the ozone layer and conservation of the environment due to the advancement of globalization People still break the law and practice illegal lumbering of trees and also illegally emit toxic into the atmosphere which would still contribute to global warming In conclusion eradication of global warming would lead to the restoration of the ozone layer and also the conservation of the environment Therefore my unapologetic proposal is for humans to emigrate from earth to space

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