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Gluten Free a Trend or Benefit Gluten Free a Trend or Benefit Gluten free diet a health benefit or a trend In the last few years we have seen a rise in different diets like Paleo Atkins and Gluten free to name a few However most recently there has been a significant rise in the Gluten free diets as we have seen more and more Gluten free products being sold in our local grocery stores We can also see that there has been a rise in Gluten free food options at almost all restaurant in America It was first acknowledged by medical journals and doctors across america that Gluten free diets were first recommend for patients with Celiac disease In most recent years medical researchers have discovered that Gluten free diets are not only medically indicated for Celiac patients but also for patients with autoimmune diseases as well Many doctors across America and Canada have conducted studies on patients with different types of autoimmune diseases being on and off a Gluten free diet All patient studies have indicated that there is a great benefit of patients being Gluten free Most if not all patients that were put on a Gluten free diet had either reversal or remission of their autoimmune diseases 

As Americans we ask ourselves why would an ingredient such as Gluten be harmful to our bodies We can start by looking at the way foods are processed today versus the way they were processed 5 years ago Although it might not seem that long ago the demands of the busy American worker and busy family lifestyles have demanded for faster products and quicker meals In result we have food manufactures with a high demand in processing foods quicker by using scientifically modified ingredients to provide larger amounts and longer shelf life According to Dr Amy Myers cutting back or simply changing your diet to a Gluten free can make significant changes in your autoimmune disease Dr Amy Myers was recently interviewed by multiple medical journals in Gluten Free More In her interview with Gluten Free More she explained that her herself being a emergency room doctors was battling several autoimmune diseases in which one of them being Graves disease which is a thyroid autoimmune disease Her disease treatments for this condition almost caused her liver and actually led her to having her thyroid surgery to have them removed She further explains that this was very frustrating not being able to help herself but being in a position to save other lives but her own As result she started stated Frustrated and still not feeling well with my thyroid being gone I vowed to find a better way to treat thyroid and other autoimmune diseases Dr Myers 2016 Dr Myers used herself as a case study in which decided to treat her whole person rather than just her disease 

She began with cleaning her diet healing her gut reduced stressors and monitored her contact with toxins Gluten Free More 2016 Dr Myers stated in her own words a medical miracle had taken place in her health with a Gluten free diet She further discussed in that the research work done by Dr Alessio Fasano in which he discovered that gluten creates a leaky gut Now you ask what is a leaky gut Is defined as Intestinal permeability syndrome or leaky gut A GI tract dysfunction caused by permeability of the intestinal wall which allows absorption of toxic material bacteria fungi parasites etc Leaky gut syndrome may be linked to allergy and various autoimmune conditions McGraw Hill 2002 As mentioned by Dr Myers to the author of Gluten Free More a leaky gut lets gluten enter our bloodstream which in turn has our immune system antibodies fighting the gluten However Dr Myers also mentions that our immune system get confused and instead start fight off healthy tissue because of the similarity in appearance In her closing statement she encourages anyone that has been diagnosed with a thyroid condition or any autoimmune disease to consider going on a Gluten Free diet and you will begin to notice a difference in as little as week Being Gluten Free is to me a definite benefit to anyone that has an autoimmune disease

I myself was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about two years ago and I as well decided to embark in a Gluten Free diet under my doctor s recommendation Personally I didn t want to be on any medication for life or even get to a point of needing surgery Making the decision to be Gluten Free was easy and I noticed an improvement in my health in the first 30 days My lab work should that my thyroid levels were back to normal and the plus side was that I had lost 15 pounds I continue my journey eating this way and continue to notice improvements in my health everyday Being Gluten Free for me and those with similar autoimmune disease are definitely a benefit and not a trend References Palmer S 2011 Today s Dietitian Is There a Link Between Nutrition and Autoimmune Disease Vol 13 Issue 11 Pg 36 Retrieved January 12 2018 from http www todaysdietitian com newarchives 110211p36 shtml Boyd C 2016 Gluten and Autoimmune Disease Dec Jan 2016 Retrieved January 15 2018 from https www glutenfreeandmore com issues 4_41 Gluten and Autoimmune Disease 4500 1 html Intestinal permeability n d McGraw Hill Concise Dictionary Of Modern Medicine 2002 Retrieved January 16 2018 from https medical dictionary thefreedictionary com Intestinal permeability

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