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Goals in Nursing Nursing is possibly one of the most rewarding profession there is Established in the mid 19th century the profession became recognized during Florence Nightingale's era and has remained to be a highly respected profession since Brown 2017 p 55 The American Nursing Association defines the practice as the protection promotion and optimization of health and abilities prevention of illness and injury alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human responses and advocacy in health care for individuals families communities and populations Black 2017 This is the aim of the nursing community to guarantee professionalism and provides quality care for all while sustaining their credentials and standards However the task of becoming a nurse is not an easy one and of such it is important to be have set goals motivational factors and strategies to be successful Goals Goals are an important aspect of nursing Setting goals has allowed me to have complete focus and motivation whenever I may feel discouraged I have set aside three goals that I would like to achieve in the future The first goal is to graduate from Palm Beach Atlantic University with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing and successfully passing the National Council Licensure Examination Registered Nurse NCLEX RN 

After getting my NCLEX I aim to get a job at a hospital and perform my duties as a nurse The second goal is being able to understand these duties as a nurse and apply my knowledge into the practice In doing so I will be able to educate patients on medications diagnoses and procedures for rehabilitation as nurses play a critical part in patient education and of such it is my intention to make sure all patients fully understand any information provided to them The third and final goal is to continue my education in nursing Continuing education is essential to safe and effective nursing care as everyday on the job will bring about new challenges These challenges could range from new technology to medical information and are continually progressing Acquiring new information will boost my knowledge and competence level which will result in excellent care Motivational Factor In August 2012 I moved to a new country with no idea of what I wanted to do with my life Slowly adapting to my new environment I decided to enroll at Palm Beach State College and pursue a career in business administration During my first semester there I remember going to class feeling unfulfilled I knew this was not something I wanted to do but I thought as long as I had a degree it did not matter During my third semester things took a turn for the worst when my grandmother fell ill My family and I had to put a hold on our lives just to make sure she got the care she needed I frequently visited the hospital to ensure she was getting the proper care she needed and that's when I met the nurse who changed my life I would always notice the nurses and how pleasant and caring they all were They would always be smiling and reassuring us that everything would be okay I want to reciprocate the kindness that was shown to me when my grandmother became ill I am choosing to become a nurse so I can one day alleviate someone's pain and give them the same care I would provide a family member or loved one Strategies for Success

The workload of nursing students is intense not only maintaining academic studies but also a work life balance and so I have come up with solutions to help me deal with it Li Gao Yang and Zang States that As newcomers to the clinical workplace nursing students will encounter a high degree of role stress which is an important predictor of burnout and engagement Li Gao Yang and Zang 2017 Hence why it is important to have strategies to combat these issues Two strategies that will help me succeed as a nursing student are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and time management skills Maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout my educational journey and training will place me on a healthy path to my future On average I consume around three bottles of water daily and eat a balanced meal as often as I can I also try to exercise whenever I am given an opportunity to do so Jackson states that There have been consistent findings that people report feeling calmer after a 20 to 30 minute bout of aerobic exercise and the calming effect can last for several hours after exercise Exercise and Stress para 1 Time management skills are an essential for nursing students Tafreshi states that it seems that it is necessary to plan for improving time management skills in order to enhance academic motivation and reduce anxiety rates among nursing students Tafreshi 2017 Organizing my tasks and having checkpoints helps to keep the momentum required in order to complete it my task Through effectual time management I have more free time to relax and engage in other activities that helps me to relax Conclusion Nursing is more than a profession It is what I have a huge passion for that grows with each passing day Through my goals motivational factors and strategies to be successful I am certain that in will future I will be a successful nurse

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