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Good Morning afternoon everyone my name is Jacob Rynn and I am a senior here at John Jay High School Today I will be talking about a very sensitive subject in the world still to this day and that subject is whether or not Holocaust Denial should be outlawed in the United States of America Well as early as the 8th grade I remember being taught of the Nazi party led by Adolf HItler as they attempted complete mass genocide of the non aryan race Six million jews and six million non jews consisting of Communists mentally handicapped people homosexual people and non Aryans were systematically mass murdered by the Nazi regime and its collaborators Holocaust denial was started after the Nazis lost WWII to try and cover up the mass genocide they committed The Nazis used Holocaust denial as a way of avoiding the crimes against humanity that they committed Ever since the end of WWII there have been other groups or individuals who claim that this horrific and vile event never occured The Holocaust is considered one of the most controversial events ever in history It s hard to think that people could refuse to believe the Holocaust was real

However much the controversy there is over the Holocaust we know it happened There is the first hand witnesses and jewish survivors of the Holocaust along with the written documentation and photographical evidence of the Holocaust which is undeniable After WWII ended Germany was a wreck and the remaining high official Nazi officers that stayed in Germany and didn t flee were put on trial by the allies These trials were known as the Nuremberg Trials as twenty two Nazi officials were tried for being major war criminals on charges of conspiracy war crimes crimes against humanity and crimes against peace Over millions of documentation were discovered by the allies and used to help try against the Nazi officials The Nazis documented everything however because they thought the Third Reich would last over a thousand years according to Hitler Multiple records of documentation were used in the trial from high ranking SS officers such as Heinrich Himmler who was the chief of the German police and Reich leader of the SS Another way we know the Holocaust happened was from the millions of German Nazi documentation video footage and photographical evidence founded by the allies The German photographers and film crews always recorded everything and took pictures of everything they felt accomplished in such a way of pursuing their ideology They documented the public humiliation of jews they documented the mass deportation of the jews they documented the mass murder of the jews they filmed the jews in the ghetto and they also filmed the jews in the concentration camps One main example of which most people know or when think of the Holocaust comes to the determining factor of the gas chambers and crematoriums The crematoriums were installed in the concentration camps during late 1939 to early 1940 The crematoriums main purpose was to burn the dead corpses of the camp A proving factor that their were crematoriums at the concentration camps was found in a letter 

This letter was written on January 28 1943 by Auschwitz administrator Karl Bischoff tallied all of the cremations his men made on a single day In twenty four hours in one camp his men had cremated 4 756 jewish people The gas chambers started in late 1939 with the Nazi program called the Euthanasia program This program started out with the mass murder for the patients with physical and mental disabilities as the Nazis deemed these people as unworthy to live because of their mental or physical disability After this future plans for the gas chambers were created at the Wannsee Conference in 1942 as they came up with the Final Solution for the killing of all the jews which was to be gassed For some who may not know the Wannsee Conference was held for one reason alone which was to determine how the jewish population would be annihilated completely Fifteen high ranking Nazi officials and politicians arranged the way the Final Solution would be carried out We know about the gas chambers because the Nazis were never able to fully destroy them In the Germans hope they would destroy them they did not however small parts of certain gas chambers were dynamited The gas chambers were still intact with the huge doors that were lined with air proof seals and tiny peepholes On the roof of the building in which consisted the gas chambers there were tiny holes found on the roof for inserting Zyklon B crystals into the gas chambers There is proof of this in many ways because of the aerial allied photographs showing the holes in the roof the residue left over from Zyklon B was found by scientists and the gas chamber walls and insides were lined with high amounts of hydrogen cyanide which is a key component of Zyklon B These key points prove that the Holocaust was systematically planned counted and numbered by the Nazis This is how we know the Holocaust happened Despite all the evidence and first hand survivor witnesses from the Holocaust there are people still who don t believe it happened and it was a hoax There are so many outrageous assertions that Holocaust deniers make

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