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I Good morning fellow classmates How are we all doing today I'm sure not as bad as dogs stuck in puppy mills or pet stores A I m sure many of us have walked through the mall or pet shops and seen adorable puppies But are we all aware where all these puppies come from II Puppy mills What are puppy mills An establishment that breeds puppies for sale typically on an intensive basis and in condition regarded as inhumane Puppy mills began in the United States after world war II in the time of the great depression Farmers were looking for a way to make easy money The U S deparment of agriculture actually encouraged raising the puppies as corps In the united states there is about 2 000 to 3 000 breeding facilities But this doesn t count the ones breeding illegally without a license III Dogs in puppy mills are overcrowded and unsanitary conditions without any adequate veterinary care food water or even any type of socialization They are usually kept in wire cages These dogs don t even have a floor ton step on and when they do it isn t much better Uric acid is constantly burning their skin and paws from all the build up urine IV All these unsanitary conditions they live in of course attracts bugs and even rodents which leads to infectious diseases V However in dogs we can t inject hormones to reproduce puppies faster like we do In other animals How do breeders do it then BODY I Edith Gallant wrote Most of the breeders are very well aware of fertility cycles and a bitch that finds herself close to the eleventh day is often loaded in a car destined to the breeder s idea of her perfect mate Since time equals money it is expected from the bitch that on arrival she courteously concedes her rump to the male and lifts her tail out of the way to enable a rapid and uncomplicated mating 

Should the bitch on arrival refuse advances from the male she will be characterised as dangerous Most often she will then be escorted to a small enclosure have her muzzle tied up and have her body held still ready to be mounted by the mating machine A Female dogs are suppose to allow themselves to be prenetaded without any option If she doesn t allow like stated above she is tied down and forced too 1 Dogs are used as machines to produce more and more puppies 2 Theoretically speaking the sperm cells have found their way to the ova and all is well that ends well This is rape and what the deep consequences of such an act could be on an animal that genetically has been programmed for reproductive behaviour within its social group has not provoked one criticism Dogs or humans this is considered rape Unwilling sex is rape B Breeders use these dog into their own conviniece and when the bitch machine stops being useful they find a way to get rid of it II Death is all too common on puppy mills Many sick and untreated dogs die in their cages Mother dogs who can no longer breed are killed in a variety of ways Because they no longer profitable puppy mill owners kill them

They do it themselves often on their property by starving drowning shooting beating or burying the dogs alive A Besides all the mistreatment dogs are also sacrafised or even just die because of sicknesses due to the unsanitary area they are created and surrounded from B These breeders sell each puppy for about 200 300 for puppy and once they are resold they are sold for 2 000 4 000 We end up buying such an expensive dog who s mom is stuck in such poor conditions Which the dog most likely comes with bad health conditions and won t last very long unless treated as soon as possible CONCLUSION I Puppy mills are the most unhame thing we can ever do to any animal Being locked their whole life raped and then killed Basically being treated as machines II Many would agree to ban puppy mills in every state of Califronia How many states have banned puppy mills you must wonder One Yes one out of fifty only one This state happens to gratefully be California III Thank you for listening and remember to spread the word about adopting instead of buying A dog will love the same regardless of their breed or if they full breed or not 3 BIBLIOGRAPHY http www nationalpuppymillproject org http www humanesociety org http www onegreenplanet org animalsandnature an inside look into puppy mills http pedigreedogsexposed blogspot com 2012 09 the grim reality of bulldog sex html http www abeatingheart ca quotes 3

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