Essay Example on Graduate Level Writing The decision of pursuing a graduate Degree









Graduate Level Writing The decision of pursuing a graduate degree can be a rewarding experience throughout one's life Your lifestyle may change slightly or drastically where a lot of sacrifices would have to made Developing organizational skills and utilizing time management is very important in graduate school Graduate level writing has its own concept of its own Based on the wording of the material may have the potential to reach out to large audience and get them to understand the written material Depending on the knowledge and skill level is what makes a good writer All writers has their own strength and weakness which can determine how they achieve the academic requirements insert a ending sentence Characteristics of Graduate Writing While attend courses online writing at the graduate level is very important Student writing skills become more essential and constantly being assessed Throughout courses students need to elaborate on their thinking thoroughly question assumptions and be able to examine preconceptions Quality writing is highly considered at this academic level and developing advanced writing skills is necessary Besides from quality writing it is imperative to understand the concept of effective communication Using appropriate vocabulary organization and good tone should be presented to the readers to express effective communication Understanding the proper American Psychological Association APA format for references and citations to avoid plagiarism when using outside sources while having certain characteristics to reflect more development at the graduate level is very appropriate 

There is a difference between undergraduate level and graduate level writing While it is acceptable for undergraduate writing clear brief and mechanically correct whereas graduate writing is expected to be engaging meaningful and mechanically skillful Effective Written Communication An effective writer organizes his ideas in a manner that flows logically from the beginning to the end of the article essay or report The topic communicates the main point or argument the writer wants to explore while each subsequent section such as the introduction body conclusion and recommendations expound on the idea What Are the Elements That Make for Good and Effective Writing n d The proper use of vocabulary and spelling grammar and punctuation to the have the ability to express clear ideas are important elements of effective writing In order for written communication to be effective in a graduate level and in a professional setting it is very important to remember proper format requirements to present to all readers There is a huge effort that goes into making writing effective in order to get the point across or to influence the audience opinion Plagiarism and How to Avoid It Plagiarism has always been a alarm with teachers and administrators It is expected to students to write and represent their own material Plagiarism is when a writer use an outside source information without crediting the source Usually plagiarism stems from fear of failure lack of time management poor organizational skills and not understanding the requirements However with the advent of the Internet and easy access to almost limitless written material on every conceivable topic suspicion of student plagiarism has begun to affect teachers at all levels at times diverting them from the work of developing students writing reading and critical thinking abilities Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism 

The WPA Statement on Best Practices 2003 In order to avoid plagiarism is to understand and learn how to utilize proper citations and references Also understanding the difference between direct quote and paraphrasing is important because each method requires information to cited in different ways Other than knowing how to appropriately use citations and references it is also necessary to understand the coursework Being able to use proper time management skills can help students be more attentive and know when to use citations Time Management Time management can refer to many methods and skills that can help students make us of their available time in the most effective way and to accomplish goals to meet deadlines for assignments and projects Prioritizing life work and school short and long term goals is very valuable Time management allows us furthermore to take control over our professional as well as personal life as it helps us to know what needs to be done and what goals need to be accomplished on a daily basis Effective Time Management Personal Development n d Skills can vary from planning organizing and the assignment of purposes However it can include an breakdown of time spend for different tasks In order to develop successful time using management skills it is necessary to not procrastinate Utilizing a calendar to capture and organize anticipated deadlines and personal arrangements will minimize the stress of trying to recall when tasks needs to be done Breaking down and planning allotted time to spend on each task can minimize the feeling of being overwhelmed allow for more focus and concentration and ensure progress in being made in completion of the assignments Time management skills are basically to produce quality work in a timely manner Conclusion Expectation that graduate level writing have more in common with written communication in a professional setting as opposed to the writing found in undergraduate level Effective written communication comes from time management Planning and breaking down the assigned tasks helps to ensure that there is plenty of time to provide quality work as well as helping students stay focused It is very necessary to aware of proper formatting for citations and references Effective writing should develop a sense of audience and understanding of the written communication that is being effective

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