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Introduction Throughout the eras Great Britain has had many important statesmen who have had an impact not only in their country but also internationally One of them is of course Winston Churchill A person who even though born in a privileged family chose to work for the people as a soldier as well as a politician Despite his unstable political career Churchill is perceived as one of the most important and influential statesmen of Great Britain A question though occurs Which of his decisions were the ones that honoured him with the aforementioned title What will be analysed are the highlights of Churchill's career which show his impact in Great Britain and internationally Before World War II Winston Churchill was a man that impacted his country and the world greatly but it was not always like that He began his political career rather early and thus his decisions did not always have the desirable result Churchill's ministry career started in 1906 as a Liberal As an under secretary of state for the colonies he gained credit for defending the conciliation and self government policy in S Africa Soon enough after the government reconstruction H H Asquith promoted Churchill to President of the Board of Trades with a seat in the cabinet During his presidency at the Board Churchill continued Lloyd George s work a bill that imposed the maximum of an eight hour day for miners he also organised boards that had the power to fix minimum wages and combated unemployment In 1911 Churchill was transferred to the Admiralty where his first task was to create a naval war staff 

What is interesting is that Churchill actually expected a war to start and thus he had already started preparing Great Britain for it According to website and television channel History Churchill s preparation included the establishment of the Royal Naval Air Service the modernisation of the British fleet and the invention of one of the earliest tanks On October 1914 he organised Antwerp s defence in person In order to start direct communications with Russia among other reasons Churchill started the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915 for which he was responsible His campaign because reinforcements were both too few and too late failed and had heavy casualties Churchill who was in charge of this disastrous campaign was blamed and on November 1915 resigned from the government Between the two World Wars Churchill did not have a stable position in the government and in 1930 he resigned from the cabinet In 1935 when Baldwin became Prime Minister he gave Churchill a seat in the secret committee on air defence research thus giving him the chance to work on vital national problems However when Italy invaded Ethiopia Churchill was not well prepared On March 1939 Churchill pressured for a national coalition making people ask for his return to office something that Chamberlain ignored During World War II Upon Britain's war declaration on Germany on October 3rd 1939 Chamberlain appointed Churchill once again in charge of the Admiralty In 1940 when the Germans invaded

The Netherlands Chamberlain resigned and Churchill thanks to his commitment in defeating Hitler became the Prime Minister having as his main focus the conduct of the war Churchill formed a coalition government headed by a 5 member war cabinet As Prime Minister he was able to entrust tasks freely and interfere continuously At this point it is important to state that one of the reasons that this war was free from political intrigues within the country was Churchill The Battle of Dunkirk in 1940 is one of the most important battles of World War II During the battle almost all British and French forces were destroyed On May 26th, 1940 after Churchill activated operation Dynamo goal of which was the evacuation of Dunkirk around 338 000 men escaped After the Battle Churchill visited the French government repeatedly in order to keep them in the war Churchill s statement 

We shall defend our island whatever the cost maybe we shall fight on the beaches we shall fight on the landing grounds we shall fight in the fields and in the streets we shall fight in the hills we shall never surrender became crucial when on July 10th, 1940 the Battle of Britain began Perhaps the most important part of Churchill s career in politics were the Conferences of 1943 and 1945 During the Tehran Conference November 28th December 1st, 1943 Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin discussed war strategy the way to defeat Japan planned Operation Overlord and the opening of the second front in Western Europe They also agreed on the division of the defeated nations into zones under British American and Soviet control as well as on moving the German-Polish border

During the Yalta Conference, February 4th 11th 1945 Churchill Roosevelt and Stalin planned the post-war world More specifically their decisions were following Germany would be broken in four spheres occupied by Britain the US the Soviet Union and France and a special commission would decide about war reparations The German military would be deconstructed and war criminals prosecuted The US and Soviet Union would invade Japan A United Nations organization would be set up part of which would also be the Axis Powers Lastly the Soviet Union would have a sphere of influence Conclusion To conclude Winston Churchill had a full of turbulence political career and even though he did not start it as well as he would hope he still managed to be remembered as one of the most important and influential politicians He was a really important political figure nationally and internationally whose decisions and impact were decisive for the process of World War II

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