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In 1957 the United States and the Soviet Union entered what would become a great technical advance the Space Race This was a race to prove what country had the best science economic system and technology From the first satellite called Sputnik being launched by the Soviet Union to the US sending Neil Armstrong to space the first man ever to walk on the moon new accomplishments were being made Armstrong even said himself this was one small step for a man one giant leap for mankind The world of science was growing with knowledge This is because certain matters were allowing it too Without the dedicated research money put forth in support of the cause and the desire of the U S and other countries to discover more of the mysteries in space space exploration would not be where it is today Space exploration has led to many advances of the humane race making it a vital use of people's time money and knowledge but has also brought up several issues on the continuation of it America acts as a powerful individual being naive to the fact that there is power in numbers 

As Collins states the planet we share unites us Source G There are 195 countries on this planet working against each other then with even though from 100 000 miles away in space one would not be able to see the borders that separate them Source G Most of these countries share a belief that space exploration aids them more than harms in many ways Source A As Livingston stresses space is our model for all nations Source A On the ground countries are at constant war never able to please one another but in space they are able to set aside their differences and help one another to pursue their goals of studying space and making new accomplishments Issues about money like where it is going how it is being spent and lack of causes constant controversy in countries around the world Americans tax money goes to necessities such as social security health transportation and many other things Source C All these things create the best living here but people do not see the importance of space exploration something that has just as many benefits as any other item on the list of functions that Chamberlain points out tax dollars go to Source C It is claimed that space exploration is not worth the taxpayer money and that money should remain on Earth Source H However that money is on Earth being put to manufacturing research salaries and many other recipients all of which are benefitting from this contribution of the taxpayer dollar going to these collectors Source A The money is being put to good use for people's time and effort to only advancing the knowledge amassed of space It is even shown in the image on Source B that structure did not just magically appear

It took people willing to contribute their services to a structure they knew could only benefit this country The argument that the money is better spent on medical discoveries is strong backed up by thousands of breakthroughs doctors and scientists have had that contributed to saving more lives and aiding the health of millions of people As expressed in Source D finding causes cures and treatments for rare diseases is a valuable use of money and the best area for it to go to It impacts the people on Earth in a far more noticeable way than space exploration does However the data found through exploring space cannot be left in the shadows These findings go beyond anything anyone could have ever fathomed Through sending humans and robots past the safety of Earth's atmosphere scientists have had a plethora of new discoveries like finding new dwarf planets and the existence of the black hole or the possibility of life on Mars It has not yet been proven that there is life beyond Earth but there is a fear that Greenberg expresses that space exploration may be dangerous to possible extraterrestrial life Source F This E T life is yet to be discovered so till further notice it is safe to say that fear could be set aside but there will not be that discovery without the continuation of space exploration 

All discoveries should be equally acknowledged and valued because those small victories are important to the ones who dedicate themselves to their work and they should not be left in the dark These discoveries could change life as we know it and we should not classify some as less important than others Issues surrounding space exploration create a realm of opinions and facts all agreeing with or counteracting one another Space exploration is only the beginning to creating a new and better planet Life advancements top any disagreement about money or what other field area may be more important than space Whether on the Earth's ground or two billion miles into space the information obtained the better because it is never known how it could impact this planet If this all is in fact true then there's nowhere to go but up for U S and other countries discoveries while exploring the massive area of space Continuing to gather more information about space leads to infinite discoveries and new ideas expanding what is already known This is why there is no argument about doing space exploration it hands down should continue no matter what issue presents itself saying otherwise

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