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Gregor Samsa and Existential Heroism In 1946 Jean Paul Sartre presented a speech labeled Existentialism Is a Humanism intended for the idea of defending the philosophical beliefs of existentialists and how it is improperly observed as mechanistic atheism by society One of the foremost arguments Sartre delivers is that existentialism is humanism because its intent is to remind man that only he himself is accountable for his behavior Although existentialism claims that a God is fictional it asserts that even if a God were existent man would still be allowed to execute his own choices as he is the only character handling his life In an effort to additionally support Sartre s refute about existentialism I will discuss the options that prisoners and the free were offered in Plato s The Allegory of the Cave I will support Sartre s claim that existence precedes essence by disputing that the theme from The Allegory of the Cave opted to let the shadows in the cavern be their only presence of existence I will explain that there is a correlation between the existentialist conception that man is in agony and the anguish that the freedman from Plato's fable encounters 

Finally in defiance to one of Sartre s cases I contend that humans live in bad faith by exercising the option that limits them to what they already know rather than not choose at all Albert Camus was an Existentialist philosopher that emerged to Hegel s Absolute Idealism Additional philosophers with Existential views include Sartre Nietzsche Many artists followed Existential themes during this period as well Picasso Dostoevsky etc Existentialism maintains that a person is ineffectual against the society around them which introduces angst This suffering is what supplies life purpose but it is a fading strife Action does not make any difference Various Existential philosophers are led to believe that committing suicide is the sole thing is rational in such an irrational world However Camus was one philosopher that did not approve of suicide even though it is the single question that accounted for his theories Camus believed that suicide was a cowardly minded reply to the harsh world The struggle of man s health in this state is compared to a man attempting to roll a huge and heavy boulder up a mountain only for the result to be having it roll down once again useless senseless and repetitive Absurd remains the word that many Existential philosophers use to explain the world and human reality in it This is seldom associated with the term existential predicament and philosophers such as Camus do not believe it is possible to overcome or be solved It is drastically worth noting that the circumstances in which the existentialist conceptions of Jean Paul Sartre occurred After the world wars there was a deciphering in conventional designs of philosophy 

There was no apparent actual sense of faith in human nature no community and an arising creed that possibly the divine was nonexistent if it allowed for inhumane acts such as the holocaust to happen Philosophy was forced to return to its foundation what are we aware of and how did we become aware of it was the question they followed Existentialists answered all we are aware of is that we are real Existentialism therefore orbits around mysteries of existence and the individual encounter We will begin with the similar if not the same position concepts of subjectivity and existence Existentialists maintain that we may know nothing if not provided from our subjectivity The most significant and only true thing we are conscious of is that we live and that we endure all things subjectively This directs us toward questions of actuality Hegel identified human Being and the being of things being in itself this contributed one of the foundations for Sartre s following analysis Heidegger presented an additional contribution which in a sense describes the heart of this philosophical idea He alleged that we must not reflect on the purpose of being in connection with our existence if we first do not comprehend it philosophically Heidegger mainly critiqued the Cartesian proposal of life claiming that such an inquiring arises from an ontologically inept beginning He reprimanded the notion of substance and he disputed that beings are Dasein or beings in the world When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams he found himself changed in his bed into a monstrous vermin The Metamorphosis 3 Undergoes the start of Franz Kafka s masterwork The Metamorphosis composed in the year 1912

This book can be viewed as an examination of the pariah in European civilization It was originally written in the German language rather than Czech by a Jew in a chiefly Catholic country possessing an extended record of anti Semitism Therefore since Kafka s novel is set in an alternate existence that is endangering one always has the judgment of a person unfairly captivated in an absurd setting as he was The weirdness of this change prompts us to evaluate Gregor s role as the symbolic ideal of the Existential protagonist because the tale was drafted from an existentialist perspective proven by its stress on isolation loneliness and the autonomy of one s reality Gregor lived in an absurd environment full of peculiarity and suffering After Gregor inexplicably awoke one day as a monstrous vermin he said that he saw no way of bringing peace and order into this mindless motion and that every bit of his attempts to complete his daily routine was naught The Metamorphosis 7 If Gregor s condition is seen to be symbolic of mankind s then this work indicates the primary strain of individuals facing the alienated world This fundamental understanding that he was completely helpless in life came subsequent to his factual agreement that as for adopting another profession he was not only too old for that but too fanatically devoted to fasting which drove him toward a deep depression and ultimately to his death The Metamorphosis 6

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