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Grounds of Being Café Chicago In a small booth sit Lawrence Kohlberg 48 Saul Alinsky 30 George Steiner 48 and Claudia Kania possibly 22 With strong hesitation Claudia takes a drink of coffee Kohlberg begins to speak Kohlberg Say kid You ve been living here practically your whole life Er almost You ve been to Smart sat in at lectures at the IOP and practically live at the Co Op What s your next move Claudia It's it 's difficult to say really It seems like an obvious choice but is it Alinsky Well it depends What do you want to study Claudia Philosophy Or maybe not Maybe something more stable something more STEM y Maybe computer science or shudders computational mathematics Alinsky Boisterously and with emphasis Philosophy Well kid you've definitely come to the right place It practically runs in our blood UChicago is the bastion of contemporary intellectualism a monument to the world s most brilliant intelligentsia a cardinal haven for astute and untethered inquiry Steiner I think she gets it Saul The school has a great department sure But what makes it great Think of the Civic Knowledge Project the Leo Strauss Center the Elucidation podcast all of these initiatives started to bring people like you into the picture all of them started by people like you The resources are already here it s up to you to use them Claudia That's easy for you to say You guys were philosophy majors who were actually successful That s usually not the case for the rest of us who end up back at the proverbial acropolis of Mom's Basement So say I get in Then what Kohlberg Back when me and George were still running around the Quad like a bunch of goons we weren't exactly plotting the next revolution 

I didn't publish Essays on Moral Development until 1981 and even then my research in behavioral ethics was still pretty flimsy Alinsky s the same way First time I saw the guy he was in semi induced coma from downing three pints of watered down Pinot Grigio at Bar Night Now look at him the guy practically incited a Commie insurgency right here on the South Side We all had it in us but it was UChicago that helped glean it out Claudia So what you re saying is philosophy isn t a field of study it s a state of mind It s a perpetual state of curiosity a constant longing to question and criticize and hold no beliefs as sacred in the face of ceaseless and impartial inquiry Kohlberg What I'm saying is you still got time Claudia I guess you re right But I just never think I ll measure up to the certain uh je ne sais quoi that every Chicago student seems to have I mean look at me I m just some random kid from the South Side suburbs Christ I'm already 18 years old and I have yet to write my debut political manifesto I should have secluded myself away from society in the remote alpine wilderness by now just like Henry David

Thoreau or the other five members of Destiny's Child Kohlberg Alinsky and Steiner look at each other questionably I mean I love philosophy I always did Camus Nietzsche Foucault All my life I ve been standing on the shoulders of giants I just don't think I can ever be one of them Steiner Focus kid Why do you want to study here in the first place Claudia Oh man where do I start Maybe the Core which examines the integral questions of the human condition and would help me gain a multidisciplinary perspective on the most pressing societal perplexities Or maybe the Institute of Politics where I can combine my enthusiasms for philosophy and politics to debate the most climatic contemporary issues and collaborate on civic projects with local community organizers Or what about ever present spirit of inquiry and debate the insatiable thirst for knowledge reflected in anything from literature colloquiums to the Neubauer Collegium for Culture and Society Steiner That's it Go on Claudia I well Steiner Well come on What is it Claudia It feels like home Back when I saved up loose change to hop on the Green Line and go to film screenings and art exhibitions and public lectures UChicago was always there always quenching this sharp fiery thirst I have to know more to be more 

Alinsky You wanna know the truth kid Claudia uneasily Yeah Alinsky The truth is you have as much to offer them as they do to offer you I mean think about it Is there anyone in the world that exists with an identical idiosyncratic stew of experiences and abilities you have Remember that summer you got a full ride to study epistemological rationality in California Or when you coalesced language and activism to start your own advocacy initiative How about the time you nailed Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton impersonation or watched the entirety of The Notebook without crying once Claudia I guess you re right Alinsky I know I am And one more thing Claudia What Alinsky Make sure you win Scav once you get admitted We ll all be rooting for you

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