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Species common Scientific name Brown tree snake Boiga irregularis Native to The Brown tree snake is native to Solomon Islands Papua New Guinea Indonesia and Australia In the places that this species is native to they are not classified as invasive however this is not the case for the further countries places they were introduced to Introduced to The brown tree snake was introduced into further parts around the world Asia North America Europe and Oceania being home to the various places of the species new introduction In all of the places that the brown tree snake has been introduced to it has become known as an invasive species and the only place outside of their natural place where the population to reproduce is in a country called Guam Reasons for introduction The reason for the introduction of the brown tree snake into Guam is thought to be accidental It is believed that the U S military were the reason for the accidental introduction that led to the brown tree snake being introduced into Guam This would have happened unbeknownst to the U S military as the snakes would have evaded detection by hiding out in various methods of cargo and transported out of native areas such as Papua New Guinea The cargo then would have been transported to Guam via ship or aircraft Consequences of introduction There are a few consequences of this species into Guam One consequence is the impact it has had on Guam s natural wildlife and the other main consequence is that it affects the people that live upon the island

The first consequence of introduction before them is the rapid expansion in numbers of them due to reproducing For the reproduction to of become a problem upon the brown tree snake being accidentally brought into Guam by U S military either a mating pair of snakes or an already pregnant female snake must have been amongst the cargo From this the numbers of brown tree snake rapidly increased to a point where the number of them went on to cause further consequences The main consequence from the two above is the impact on the wildlife of Guam With the brown tree snake being a predator it has near enough eradicated a large proportion of the wildlife living naturally in the forests of Guam Due to declining number in the natural wildlife within the forests of Guam this has led to species such as the koko a bird native to Guam only being found at breeding centres so that they don t go on to become an extinct species With the number of the natural wildlife decreasing in number this leaves the forests of Guam quiet in comparison to what they once were Over the years only two species of native bird remain in the forests Before the brown tree snake the birds of Guam never had predators so they lived harmoniously on the island and continuing to thrive as species side by side With the brown tree snake being able to reproduce so quickly over such little time they were able to eradicate species as not only were they eating the eggs the birds were laying but they also devoured whole families of birds

The brown tree snake also cause problems for the homeowners as in their great number they cause frequent power shortages due to them crossing over power lines and power sources Control attempted by The way in which the brown tree snake is being attempted to be controlled is by poisoning their food source The item which is used which is deemed a poison to the brown tree snake is a product called acetaminophen which we know as paracetamol to us this is just something which is available to us over the counter To the snakes however acetaminophen is deadly in 100 of the snakes that eat the drug laced bait Pilots would take helicopters and airplanes up with people throwing out large number of rodents laced with the acetaminophen down to the ground this way they can cover large areas in a short amount of time resulting in a declining number of the snakes The second way in which they are trying to control the snakes is more to stop other countries becoming infested and with them going onto be an invasive species elsewhere This is done by specially trained dogs who are able to detect the scent of the brown tree snake They are used at places that send out export from Guam to other countries around the world It's similar in the way that specially trained dogs are used to detect drugs same concept just that they are finding the scent of the snakes instead of the drugs It is time consuming having to check every item that leaves the island of Guam but it has to be done to stop further infestations

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