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Sex sells or sex less sells Since his debut in 2015 Alessandro Michele Gucci s creative director has moved fashion a step forward by including models of both sexes wearing clothing from the same line in Gucci fashion shows The Italian Designer has radically redefined what Gucci represents as he has veered from the established Gucci narrative of sex sells towards a more genderless approach Beauty is in between Michele says Gender fluidity the key to his aesthetic deriving from his free thinking attitude precipitated a shopping epidemic leading to a boost in the firms revenues Why should not a man be able to wear the same flower patterned blouse or the same skirt as his partner Major fashion houses have begun to mix sexuality as if using a gender blender In the spring summer 2018 menswear shows models appear in skirts and dressing garments considered as female wardrobe staples setting off as an example of the fashion industry shifting towards gender fluidity In London men s fashion week numerous firms promoted cross dressing following unique approaches At Edward Crutchley models walked in flowing gowns displaying painted silver nipples at Charles Jeffrey Loverboy models wore peplum waisted gowns or baby doll dresses at Art School models of all genders stalked the runway in false eyelashes slinky skirts and colorful dresses Thom Browne sent male models down the catwalk dressed in gray skirts in Paris Fashion week also maintaining the movement s momentum

Other brands have contributed to the cultural shift towards gender fluidity Launched in 2015 Selfridges Agender campaign suggests an ideological goal and sets out an agenda to move fashion forward and to reflect the realities of the way we live now Following the launch of a unisex collection titled Ungender in Spring 2016 by Zara H M launched this year a unisex denim line titled Denim United Todays celebrities are embracing gender fludity mostly through daring fashion statements Jaden Smith was photographed alongside female models for the 2016 Luis Vuitton women add campaign wearing a pleated skirt The celebrity trend extends to David Beckam who once wore a long skirt Marc Jacobs who attended the 2012 Met Gala in a lace dress Kanye West who wore a skirt durring his concert in 2011 Zayn Malik who proudly wears womens blouzes and numerous other celebrities Of corse cross dressing was not always promoted by the fashion industry In the beginning of my career my agents wanted me to wear a white t shirt and jeans and to show off my broad shoulders to appear masculine to casting directors and told me that no one wants to book a visible gay man because the male in ads should appeal to women says model and actor Shaun D Ross But how did diverse fashion become accepted Durring the Greek and the Roman era gender differences were blurred yet through the years that succeeded a change in perspective took place In the Greek Fijian Indonesirean Indian Affrican and Scottish culture the skirt is part of the the traditional men apparel It was a symbol which enhanced masculinity used for decades as a method of signaling gender conforming behavior and the question arises Is gender fluidity in the fashion industry a renesance of the traditional archetypes or a means of changing the stereotypes and leaving our mark upon the perception of gender

The well known grunge look that became a trend in the late 80s and 90s can be considered as a primal form of gender less fashion The grunge lifestyle is about individuality The messy hair careless makup flanel shirts and unusual combinations of clothes were used to make a statmen just like the one made nowadays by men wearing skirts The grunge style was worn by both men and women in a similar way making a debut for unisex clothing The gender fluid trend was firstly introduced durring the 1984 Jean Paul Gaultier show in Paris where men models were first seen wearing skirts on the major runways of Europe The reaction to that first introduction was negative as the audience was not prepared for the daring statement Similarly trousers were not worn by women until the 20th century as women wearing trousers rather than a skirt was considered a big taboo Now there are as many trouser types and designs as there are for skirts which shows the progression of our society Today s blur of the sexes is an organic outgrowth of a changing attitude in the culture as a whole

 Like our clothing we re becoming more relaxed about it all started Lucas Ossendrijver creative director for Lanvin Homme This isn't about a man wearing a skirt it's about a changing mind set with men their eye for fashion has changed Men aren't so concerned about their masculinity anymore The beauty of this is that the transformation has taken place through the art of fashion which is regarded as the means of communication and expression Our generation is shifting towards establishing a feeling of total freedom concerning sexual identity and creating a welcoming environment towards individuality and expression of the true personnasona Cross dressing is a way by which we are making a statement upon the differences of genders and a further step towards their equality The roles of men and women in our society are no longer separately distinguishes As men work women do as well as women cook and take care of the house men do as well as women wear dresses and skirts men do as well Yet the question still remains Will men ever wear skirts and dresses as freely and easily as women now wear trousers

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