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Country Guyana Topic Poverty and Inequality Committee UNODC As of 2017 the situation in Guyana is indigence Guyana a country located in the north eastern corner of South America is one of the poorest that tackles various complex humanitarian crises such as poverty gender inequality severe conflict and the refugee crisis Nineteen percent of Guyanese are living in extreme poverty that is surviving on an income of U 1 25 per day Guyana Poverty Reduction Strategy 2017 Almost half of all children under the age of 16 live in poor families the highest among all age groups Guyana Budget and Policy Institute 2017 Thirty three percent of young adults live in poverty the second highest among all age groups Individuals between the age of 16 and 25 are either in high or tertiary level education or in the labour force GBPI 2017 Poverty among adults of age 41 and above is also severe GBPI 2017 In this age group twenty four percent are in poverty Adults are forced to have multiple jobs to be able to afford the necessities of life A country endowed with minerals and other natural resources continue to be extremely poor even though the said country does not suffer from overpopulation The questions raised as to why Guyana is in such an insubstantial state depend on the political operatives that make up the Guyana regime 

The politicians make decisions without in depth thought about the consequences thereafter The root cause of poverty is corruption which hinders economic growth and deprives millions of people the chance to access public service and the opportunity to earn a living Unfortunately corruption and poverty go together menacing humanity For instance somewhere in the small village of Apoteri a mother combs her purse to feed her child while the president squanders millions of taxes on private jets and pointless overseas trips The lack of education underpaid jobs unemployment poor quality and inefficient public services are the most common factors of poverty Additionally there are personal reasons why people live in poverty such as laziness and failure Some people do not believe in the notion that they can be content if they have millions Some religious organisations also persuade people that abandonment of wealth is a means to attain spiritual progress and everlasting happiness Children from poor background are likely to experience poverty in later life than those children from a wealthy family Poor children have limited access to personal development leading to lower chances in adult life People in poverty are likely to have social and psychological issues which have a damaging impact in life Page 1 of 2 Student ID 16022691 Guyanese living in the rural areas particularly suffer the consequences of poverty more than those living in the urban areas with substantial job opportunities 

Due to high unemployment rate and economic decline it makes young professionals with higher degree extremely challenging to find even low income job Because of little prospect of finding jobs drive them to look beyond borders for opportunities in the hope of a better future According to the International Monetary Fund IMF access to financial services opens doors for families allowing them to smooth out consumption and invest in their futures through education and health Access to credit enables businesses to expand creating jobs and reducing inequality Financial inclusion is the bridge between economic opportunity and outcome Kaieteur News 2017 Promoting new businesses establishing industrial sites foster job creation and strengthen the economy Businesses boost economy and create more jobs helping the poor eradicate poverty and improve their lives Welcoming investors also help business expand capital thus promote economic growth and development Introducing innovative technologies into the business would create a more efficient and productive environment Eradicating poverty in Guyana is a long term goal that will require more than talk and promises and needs to go beyond one day a year for raising awareness of this issue All Guyanese deserve equal opportunities to prosper and more importantly they deserve to have a government that works diligently and one that recognises the urgency in fighting to end poverty President David Granger is committed to continue the late President Forbes Burnham s campaign against poverty inequality unemployment and exploitation and other social issues which affected the lives of the Guyanese References Admin 2017 August 07 Burnham Fought Inequality Poverty and Illiteracy Retrieved from Guyana Chronicle http guyanachronicle com Bang J T 2015 Global Financial Crisis and Reforms Oxon Routledge Correia A 2017 April 30th The Pauperisation of Rural Women Retrieved from Guyana Times https guyanatimesgy com Granger H M 2017 September 20th Guyana General Debate Retrieved from General Assembly of the United Nations https gadebate un org Hudson D 2015 Global Finance and Development Abingdon Routledge Sekhani R 2017 August 27th Poverty Facts Almost 4 in 10 Guyanese Cannot Afford Basic Costs of Living Retrieved from Guyana Budget and Policy Institute http gbpi institute Smith D T 2017 June 04 Strategy and Framework for Financial Literacy in Guyana Retrieved from Kaieteur News https www kaieteurnewsonline com page 2 of 2

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