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H Jiang et al 8 proposed an algorithm named TimeRank In their algorithm rank score is improved by using the visit time of the web page For rise the accuracy of the web page ranking this algorithm uses the time factor The result of this algorithm shows that this is very good algorithm for page ranking The result of TimeRank algorithm are very satisfactory Ricardo Baeza Yates et al 9 proposed a weighted links rank WLRank algorithm It is an amendment of the standard page rank algorithm Three parameters i e 1 length of the anchor text 2 tag in which the link is contained and 3 relative position in the page are used in this algorithm the algorithm provides weight value to the link based parameter which are given afore It is shows in the paper that the result of the search engine is enhanced using weighted links Shie Jue Lee et al 10 have proposed an algorithm for search engine based on a query dependent ranking They used to measure the similarity between the queries in their proposed algorithm Documents with consistent every query made a single model 

The documents are take out and ranked by using ranking model rank score is calculated when a query is arrived Combination of different model of the similar training queries is used in this algorithm Query dependent ranking algorithm is healthier than other algorithms it is shows in the result which shows in the paper Aditya Pratap Singh and et al 11 in their paper propose an efficient method to rank the research papers from several fields of research published in various conferences over the years their method is based on the citation network of the research papers They have proposed new and efficient method to achieve that cause They introduced time independent for ranking their algorithm gives efficient result Analysis Basis on some parameter 12 i e main technique use methodology input parameter relevancy quality of result etc we compare all above said algorithm and analyze these algorithm in given table Algorithm Main technique use Methodology Input Parameter Relevancy Quality of results Importance Limitation Page Rank Web Construction Mining The algorithm Calculates at the time of indexing of the pages the score for pages Backlinks Fewer Intermediate Tall Results come not at the query time but at the time of indexing Backlink and Also Forward links Extra Less than Page Rank algorithm Reasonable 

Theme gist and efficacy problem Algorithm Main technique use Methodology Input Parameter Relevancy Quality of results Importance Limitation Weighted Page Rank Web Structure Mining Weight of web page is intended on the basis of input and departing links and on the basis of weight the rank of page is decided Back link and Also Forward links Less Higher than Page Rank algorithm High Relevancy is ignored Eigen Rumor Web Content Mining Eigen rumor usage the adjacency matrix which is built from agent to object link not page to page link Agent Object High Higher than PR and HITS High It is greatest precisely used for blog ranking not for web page ranking as other ranking like page rank HITS Web Page Ranking using Link Attributes Web Structure and Content Mining it stretches dissimilar weight to web links based on 3 attributes Relative location in page label where link is checked length of newscaster text Back link and Also Forward links more Medium Not precisely Relative location was not So actual representative that the logical location not continuously matches the physical position HITS Web Structure and Content Mining It calculates the hubs and authority of the pertinent pages It relevant in addition to significant page as the result Algorithm Main technique use Methodology Input Parameter Relevancy Quality of results Importance Limitation Time Rank Web Usages Mining In time rank algorithm the staying time is additional to the computational score of the inventive page rank of that page Original Pagerank and Server Log High Moderate High Significant pages are disregarded as it rises the rank of those web pages which are opened for long time Tag Rank Web Content Mining Tourist time is used for ranking Usage of consecutive snapping for sequence vector cunning with the uses of random surfing perfect General tags and related bookmarks Less Less 

High for social site It is contrast Founded method so it requires more site as input Query Dependent Ranking Web Content Mining This algorithm projected the structure of the rank model by joining the results of parallel type queries Training query High as the model is created as of the training quires High High Imperfect number of physiognomies are used to compute the comparison Distance Rank Web Structure Mining Based on strengthening knowledge which reflect the logarithmic coldness between the pages Forward links Modest due to the use of the hyperlinks High High If new page Injected among two pages then the crawler should achieve a large calculation to calculate the distance vector Conclusion As we see that the ranking algorithm deliver a definite rank to resultant web pages based on the algorithm used Web page ranking techniques is used by a general search engine based on the specific needs of the users A general search engine frequently results in a big number of pages in reply to user s queries whereas as a user we all always desire to get the best in a short duration of time After going through comprehensive analysis of algorithms for ranking of web pages in contradiction of the many parameters such as methodology input parameters relevancy of results and importance of the results it is determined that current methods techniques have limits mainly in relations of time response correctness of results position of the results and relevancy of results A well organized web page ranking algorithm should fulfil these challenges professionally with compatibility with global standards of web technology An algorithm should be available which have no limitation which discussed above

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