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Haiti Poverty Assignment Knowledge and Understanding Population 11 051 898 as of January 2018 Percentage of the population below the poverty line 58 6 but extreme poverty rate is 24 7 Birth rates 23 3 births 1 000 population Infant mortality rate 52 2 per 1 000 live births Life expectancy at birth 63 8 years Gross Domestic Product per capita 761 dollars Public debt 28 9 of GDP In 2017 External debt 24 5 Interesting facts about Haiti On January 1 1804 Haiti gained its independence from France Haiti is the most mountainous nation in the Caribbean Haiti is 27 750 sq km in size By land size Haiti is the third largest country in the Caribbean Thinking 1 Would your country be considered an impoverished nation Why or why not Give at least two reasons why or why not Use information from your work to prove your point Yes Haiti is considered an impoverished nation because how poor it is Even before the biggest natural disaster in Haiti s history Port au Prince the Caribbean nation of over 10 million people struggles to feed and shelter its growing population 

So many families relied on international food aid and people were searching for jobs and shelter Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere And Haiti isn t becoming richer because of all they natural disasters that continues to happen and destroying the country 2 How can rich nations help poor nations find sustainable ways to keep themselves out of poverty There are many ways that rich nations can help poor nations find sustainable ways to keep themselves out of poverty For example poor nations do not want charity They would benefit from the money but most importantly to help the poor nations education would help them If the nations that are poor are educated on how to prepare for things such as how to deal with natural disasters like what Haiti experiences Also if rich nations have extra money that they do not put to good use they could donate the money to the poor nations to help rebuild damage feed families find shelter etc another way that the rich nations could help the poor ones is by training people to help their communities If We get more people trained on how to do things such as build or make things it will benefit their country They want to do anything to help their nation become better and if they have people standing by them and supporting and encouraging them it will make the biggest impact 3 How can you as an individual help those countries that are in poverty

As an individual some ways that I could help those countries that are in poverty is to become more educated in what goes on in our world There are so many organizations that help and support these nations that I could donate money to or donate money to families for them to buy food or help anyone that is sick Also another thing is donate items such as clothes books toiletries that would make the people in these poor nations have a better life and make their lives even a little bit easier everyday We forget how lucky we are in the country that we live i to have all the necessities to make us happy and we get caught up in the new things that we want That we forget about all the people suffering in these poor nations that just think how they and their nation is going to survive day by day Application In 5 8 sentences at least explain how a Christian response as seen in Economic justice for all to poverty can help bring your chosen nation out of poverty or prevent it from slipping into poverty 

Depending on your situation You can also tie in concepts such as option for the poor solidarity subsidiarity fair trade not aid etc The Christian response as seen in economic justice for all to poverty can help bring Haiti out of poverty is that they often related to the poor as lowly that God says was hiding from the wise When Jesus calls the poor blessed he is not praising the problem of poverty but that they are open to God Jesus was a poor man and warns the dangers of wealth The definition used for the poor is says the lack of material goods and also says dependence and powerlessness The poor are oppressed people who God resus The poor must be cared for and protected when they are exploited God always hear their cries God says the rich are wise in their own eyes But because the poor are not blinded by their wealth they can be open to God s presence Throughout the early christian history the poor are people of God s transforming power Also solidarity helps the poor nations by coming together as one and fighting for what is rights They bind together by their values and interest

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