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Harry Houdini was a stage performer and stunt artist But he was remembered for his memorable escape acts Houdini was born in Budapest Hungary His real name was Ehrich Weiss Harry was born on March 24 1874 but he always sad he was born on April 6th because that is what his mother seemingly told him Most amazingly though he even sometimes said he was born in America depending on which reporter he was talking to Harry was born a Jew Harry set off for America in 1876 not knowing any English at all He arrived there in a prolonged extent of time to raise enough money 2 years And Harry hated traveling by boat He arrived in the big city of New York Unfortunately for Harry his life didn t get much better then At just 8 years old he began working to pay his bills At 9 he had his first performance in his backyard doing a trapeze act He billed himself Prince of the Air At the time young Harry loved acrobatics and applause but didn't have his mind set on magic yet Not much is known but something that is known is that Harry left his home at the maximum of 12 years old as a runaway The rest unknown He returned about after a year of serving as a messenger necktie cutter and photographer's assistant to help support his family That was about the time when he and his brother Theo got interested in magic Harry began using his stage name of Harry Houdini at about that time He added an i to the end of his hero s last name the famous French magician Robert Houdin By age 20 Harry had executed several small acts across New York City He married Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahner better known as Bess Houdini

Then he joined a circus 

Through the years he gained fame from escaping from policemen s handcuffs and cells and later straightjackets and coffins He also expanded his already large fame by performing his famous Milk Can Escape Buried Alive stunt Water torture cell or Houdini Upside Down and more Then after Wilber and Orville Wright s famous flight Houdini decided he also wanted to be a first to do something So he saw this as a perfect opportunity to do so There was first to fly in America Germany and so on But one place hadn t had a first yet Australia So Houdini and Bess and their dog Charlie took the long boat ride to Australia Upon getting there the weather wasn t that good for a few days so he had to cancel his flights But on March 18th 1910 he made the record as first person to fly in Australia In the future Houdini passed over to the film industry making many films as with his first one The Master Mystery which was really a serial a really popular one His onward films weren t as popular but Harry still got a Hollywood Star of Fame In the 1920 s Harry sparked an interest in exposing false mediums who tried to spread spiritualism with small tricks like floating instruments This caused Harry to break up his relationships with one of his friends Sir Arthur Conan Doyle an English writer famous for his bestselling books about the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes When these mediums tried to make Houdini believe that his dead mother was actually talking to him he simply in return ask them questions he knew only his mother had the answers to Houdini desperately wanted to talk with his dead mother but none of the mediums got the question right

Tons of people think that Harry died during one of his difficult escapes but that was nowhere near the truth The truth was that Houdini visiting McGill University in Canada Houdini was relaxing in his dressing room having his portrait drawn when a student came in after knocking He started asking many questions about Harry his life beliefs and his tricks Then at a point the student whose name was Jocelyn Gordon Whitehead asked Houdini is it true that someone could hit you in the stomach and it wouldn't hurt you Houdini was a strong man But most importantly he knew what to do with his muscles so that the blow wouldn't hurt him but it took a moment of tightening his stomach When the student asked if he could try hitting him Houdini agreed Unfortunately though Whitehead struck before Houdini could prepare After several blows and a stunned audience Whitehead stopped leaving Harry in lots of pain What Houdini was unaware of was that the man had accidentally punctured his appendix Even though Harry was in critical danger he refused to cancel his shows He performed his last show in Detroit on the night of October 24 Afterward Bess insisted on taking him to the hospital But it was too late Right before he died he said to his brother Theo I m tired of fighting I can't fight anymore Those were his last words He died on October 31st of 1926 in his hospital bed

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