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Have you ever been stressed out about school and your home life Well Greg Heffley is constantly stressed out about something in his life The Diary of a Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules written by Jeff Kinney is the second book in Jeff Kinney s series of books that tells the story of middle schooler Greg Heffley and his struggles at school and at home It begins where the first book Diary of a Wimpy Kid left off telling how Greg spent his summer after surviving his first year of middle school Although there are many similarities and differences between the book and the film the book is better than the movie During the first part of the book Greg is forced by his Dad to join the swim team Greg was not a good swimmer and thought the swim team was worse than middle school In a lot of ways being on the swim team was worse than being in middle school Kinney 4 To avoid swim practice Greg would ask to go to use the bathroom and then hide in the locker room 8 The rest of the book explains all the weird things that happens Greg s second year in middle school There are many funny things that happen that show how awkward middle school is for most kids For example Greg played a mean joke on a classmate Chirag seeing how long Chirag would be invisible to him and the rest of his friends 56 Rowley is Greg's best friend Rowley does things that are dorky and Greg doesn t approve For example Rowley was asked by the Social Studies Teacher to describe his family trip and the next day he came to school in a costume 

33 The biggest part of the book describes how Rodrick is constantly torturing Greg in any way that he can He makes life miserable for Greg by constantly treating him like he is nothing Greg is picked on all summer long by his brother Rodrick An example was when Rodrick picked Greg up from school So when Rodrick picked me up today I asked him to please take it easy on the brakes 20 Rodrick didn't listen and hit every speed bump in town as Greg sat in the back of the van with all of Rodrick's band equipment Greg also has a younger brother Manny who is always getting away with things because of his age An example of this is when Greg plugged in his video game system and it didn't work because Manny had stuffed a chocolate chip cookie in the disk drive 41 Different from the book the movie started with a back to school party at a roller skating rink We are introduced to characters specifically a new girl Holly who is coming to Greg s school Greg has a huge crush on her and continues to fantasize about her for the rest of the movie The biggest theme of the movie continues to be the rocky relationship between Greg and Rodrick Different from the book the main reason for Mom Bucks in the movie is to encourage the boys to spend more time and bond together Bowers 59 00 63 37 

Another difference between the movie and the book is the party that Rodrick had when his parents were out of town leaving him and Greg to bond In the book Greg had been locked in the basement In the movie Greg and his friend Rowley are let out of the basement and become the life of the party 1 43 2 04 Because of the success of the party Rodrick gives Greg a chance to be his brother and his friend They bond more until they are caught when his parents find pictures from the party Part of the punishment was they both had to spend a weekend at their Grandpa s retirement village which was not in the book Another part of the punishment that was different than the book was that Rodrick was originally not allowed to perform in the talent show with his band In addition Greg offered to be Rowley s magician act assistant The movie and the book are both very funny and entertaining The book is geared towards a middle school audience Both the movie and the book contain cartoon animation The movie goes beyond that with specific scenes to attract a broader range of ages Having Greg talk about a girl brings back memories to anyone who has ever been a middle school boy Making Greg and Rowley a part of the talent show reminds us how difficult it is to stand up in front of a crowd and be embarrassed The movie contained the scene at the retirement village where their Grandpa lived In the movie the importance of family is shown especially during the last scene where Greg offers to be embarrassed as Rowley s talent show assistant just to be able to have Rodrick play with his band In summary the addition of the scenes mentioned above allowed for the attraction of a larger and older audience The movie and the book are both good examples of the struggles that middle school age kids go through The characters and experiences are very similar to what middle school is like for most other people The rivalry between an older and a younger brother is also something that everyone can relate to as well The best part of the movie is that you can see and feel the emotional bond between Rodrick and Greg despite their issues and disagreements Growing up isn't always easy Works Cited Diary of wimpy kid Rodrick Rules Dir David Bowers 2011 DVD Kinney Jeff Diary of a Wimpy kid Rodrick rules 2008

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