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Or what a koala bear does in the world Well these amazing animals aren't even related to bears You should call these animals koalas Koalas are amazing animals and can do so much with so little Learning about the koala is very amazing Physical The physical features of the Koala can be so interesting And can be amazing to the eye Koalas have thick woolly fur which protects them from the extremes of both high and low temperatures and which also acts like a raincoat to push away moisture when it rains Southern Koalas weigh more and grow larger than Northern Koalas The temperature of a koala is around 36 6 degrees C Behavioral Have you ever wondered what koalas eat Koalas only have one food in their diet Eucalyptus leaves Eucalyptus leaves are poisonous to every other animal including humans other than koalas Koalas can eat these leaves because they have a stomach bacteria that kills the poison in the eucalyptus leaves Did you know that they can sleep up to 18 20 hours a day What if you slept all day I know that you would be tired all the time They mostly eat at night

And for a late night snack they stuff leaves in there mouth WOW Wouldn't that hurt if you did that Habitat Koalas habitats are so amazing to us but they won't exist anymore if humans don't stop tearing them down Koalas live in Australian forests In these forests they mostly live in their eucalyptus trees Humans take down these trees to build homes roads and many more things Eucalyptus trees have hard branches the koalas nap sleep and eat on The fur on the Koala's backside is densely packed and provides an inbuilt cushion for the hard branches it sits on It's pretty rare for them to leave their trees because there are wild dogs and other predators that can kill or badly injure the koala Matured males are very distinguishable by the brown scent gland in the center of their chest which they rub on the tree trunks to daunt other Koalas especially other males from entering their home trees Every koala needs at least 100 eucalyptus trees to themselves Isn't that weird It's not like humans need 100 homes Do we Reproduction Isn t the life cycle amazing Here is how it happens in a koala A baby koala is called a Joey 

A mother koala carries her young in her pouch for 6 months After 6 months in the pouch a joey comes out and rides on the mommy s back The joey only goes back in it's mommy's pouch when it's hungry tired and scared A female koala is ready to mate at 2 3 years of age And male koala is ready to mate at 4 5 years of age The female wont mate at all if she's not properly fed So if she's not fed that means no joey The male mates multiple times a year A female mates only once a year The mommy has the baby in her stomach for around 35 days Usually a female has 1 baby at a time But it is possible for twins When the mom has twins one of twins usually don't survive Isn't that sad Wow A lot of this explains why they're going endangered Conservation Koalas are beautiful animals but it's sad that some people don't care about other animals lives Koalas have an extremely high risk of extinction There are only about 43 000 koalas left in the wild Some of the reasons koalas are fading away tree fires very hostile dog attacks car crashes and many more other reasons Some other ways the koalas are fading is that humans take down their habitat eucalyptus trees for roads houses and other reasons Like the female koala not getting nourished and not mating because of it is very bad Or just not taking their trees I mean would you want your home just picked up and thrown away so the city could make a factory Yeah that's what koalas feel Koalas are amazing animals and after learning about them don't you think you should do something Well if you do I can give you some ideas on how to help them One way you can go is to go to World Wildlife Fund and Adopt a koala If you adopt a koala you can get a stuffed koala gift bags and more But the reason you do this is all the money you spend on adopting a koala goes to helping the koalas

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