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Have you ever wondered why you have so many friends and where you got them Social media has always been part our our lives Ever since we learned what it was there has been a gravitational pull towards it and thought there is a pull it has caused a worldwide altercation It has good and bad effects to our lives but does the bad in the social media affect the good or the way people see it No although people may refuse this statement and state that social media has had the greatest impact on suicidal teen today I disagree even though that is an exceptional reason there are good impact on there are greater impacts on teen then proletariats like to recognize Furthermore it allows teens to get out there and make a way in the world A lot of outgoing use social media to advertise their newly created websites After doing some research i found that 82 of small business owners are using sites like Facebook twitter linkedin pinterest and instagram to help grow their business Conjointly it provides you with the opportunity to grow relationships with the target audience Teens develop a sense of direction when when talking to people online who help them figure out who they really want to be and what they want to do with their business 

Whether it be a quick fix and a way to get income or a long term investment that would want be carried out through generations to come Not to mention what social media has done for so many teens aspiring to become more than they imagined To illustrate my point I remember when the story about the girl who made a business helping so many people in need just by the click of a button had surfaced Her name is Ophelia Noel she created a small business called Ophelia s Outlet it was all over the news CNN and Channel One produced footage of Ophelia s business that went viral in a matter of a few hours After a private meeting with the creator of this amazing investment press had found the motive she had mentioned that the only motive for helping all of these people is out of the kindness of her heart In her words I am only trying to get to a lesser percent of the worlds population of of the street but I can settle with the United States for now It is more of a fundraiser than than a profitable business for herself It takes donations and uses the money to go towards charity and supplies such as clothes and food for the needy children and families trying to survive on the streets All of this might not have been possible if people hadn't have been so generous when they saw my add Moreover this wouldn't have happened if social media hadn't been around she said with a tone of responsiveness Moreover social media is a way to meet new friends and stay in touch over long distances video games play a critical role in the development and maintenance of boys friendship Im sure you have heard a younger sibling or if not your own your friends talking to a person that seems to be not there but in all honesty this imaginary person is more than likely to be talking from online On some website like

Discord through social media this adolescent is able to keep in touch with all of his friends during the day or over breaks like fall winter spring and summer Also teen friendships are strengthened and challenged within social media environments Did you know that 92 percent of friendship grow through the hardest part of its struggle due to or over social media Teens these days that are subject to social media are constantly going through struggle though 85 overcome this by figuring out the problem and having a rational conversation or learning that said problem was just a misunderstanding Teens are willing to take this step toward fixing their friendship are more prone to not have more of these situations and are likely to fix their relationships with other people in their years to come Not only does social media allow teens to stay in touch with their friends and make new ones but it also permits teens to post pictures of their ideas and artworks online They can also create artworks and items on the internet Speaking from experience I can tell you that teens find great pleasure and relaxation while using sites like Recolor and Pixels Young adults can also post their ideas and feelings to relate to others This allows teens an outlet to get rid of stress as well as get positive feedback and ideas from other teens who have the same need or experiences Sites like Instagram and Pinterest inspire teen to get out in the world and start something new While others may say that these applications are what keeps minors stuck in a world other than reality a lot of people agree with me and say that it helps adolescents get out in the world with a new perspective As you can see social media is beneficial to teens It allows teens to get out there and make a way in the world A lot of outgoing use social media to advertise their newly created websites Social media is a way to meet new friends and stay in touch over long distances Social media allows teens to creatively express themselves I wasn't sure what else i needed to add to this

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