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Have you heard rumors about this place being haunted Sam Oh yes Ben dude you hear that I hear something Oh my God I hear it Ben Holy shit it s in that cell Lets Go You re going in with me slowly enters a cell Dude what was that Something touched my back Did you hear that Sam who is in here in this cell with us right now Ben There are things in this world that we will never fully understand walk out of the room and toward the left wall windows I don t know how I can see out of those windows Would you be able to see out of those No I m gonna have to clean these because I ain t gonna be able to see no shadows I ve got this see this nice soft cotton shirt Just go for it Okay It s clean So have you heard rumors about this place being haunted Oh yes walk into the jail hospital and morgue I m starting to feel a very dark energy here Each individual person that came through here spent time here left their lives here left their bodies here I can feel them I can it s just strong here These people many of them were murderers and hardened criminals and some of them were criminally insane The worst of them were put in this dark cell Sam Out of the prisoners I know of three that left the dark cell and were transported to the insane asylum in Phoenix They went crazy in there they went crazy in the dark cell Sam Over a century later the dark cell hasn t lost its terrifying power

A young woman she was a news anchor here she took the challenge to come here She said Oh that s not haunted and that isn t scary and I ll just bring a pillow and blanket I can spend the night She checked in about 9 00 and about midnight she just started screaming and said Let me out She was screaming to be let out because she wasn t in there alone walks into the cell This is it huh This is it This is the dark cell I ll be honest with you it s creepy as fuck in here Yeah Shall we go deeper Let s go You re going with me You know what I ve been to a lot of castles over in Europe but this this is a true dungeon That s exactly what it is This is dug into the side of a granite hill Imagine being in here at night you re in a cage that s the size of this grate What The cage is only 5 foot tall so if you re average height for a man you can t stand up Oh my God What was that Shit Oh my Look at all the bats Oh my God If you hold your hand up they ll land on it They ll what They ll land on it Sir what s wrong with you Remember what you were just telling me about how men go crazy in here Uh huh I think you re starting to become crazy You don t want to pet these bats They could have diseases Most humans have more diseases than bats Let s go It s time to get out of the dark cell shits getting weird This was the entrance to the prison This was the site where four prisoners died during the Gates Riot That day was a bad day for superintendent because it would scar him for life

Seven prisoners took him hostage had a knife to his throat escorted him all the way out here But the superintendent as he had the knife to his throat signaled over to the guard in the guard tower to shoot Four of those prisoners died right here The superintendent had a stab wound to his neck He survived but he could never recover from the emotional trauma of that day He eventually committed suicide Okay so right now we re not in the prison We re on the outside And that is because we just got a lead on a story There is a woman here that is refusing to go into the prison because she had a terrifying experience that left her emotionally traumatized Sam I got to the last cell on the left hand side and all of a sudden I got almost a sick feeling The best way to describe it is sadness an extreme sadness So I left I kept thinking about Why did I feel that way What went on in that cell so I went back Why did you come back I wanted to see if I could communicate and find out what the sadness was Really Yes Put both hands on the wall and I said If you want to talk to me I m here to listen As soon as I did that this hand went back I mean it was pushed back I lost my breath screamed and took off running Opened the car door got in locked it and drove away

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