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Having insurance to get universal healthcare is something that many citizens would argue that it is a human right for them to have While this is very beneficial for all US citizens to have with these benefits comes cons that go against having health insurance Even with these cons it is still a necessity for every citizen to have health insurance to ensure that their body will get the treatment it needs when the times may come for it to be used Something such as health insurance is very beneficial to preteen girls and women as this is the time where puberty hormones and the chances of getting pregnant start to come into play for women of any race U S citizens should be required to have health insurance because it helps to take care of their overall well being and ultimately having healthcare helps prevent deaths Overall well being can tie in with a person's mental health emotional health or physical health Having health insurance benefits society financially because it covers either the entire cost of a visit or the majority of it The visit can be anything such as to the hospital dentist or even a psychiatrist and nowhere does having health insurance discriminate against anyone It improves the health of the general public as everyone having access to medical care reduces the amount of illnesses and increased overall health of the society 

Having healthcare helps to prevent deaths because people get the care they need for whatever is wrong with them Pros and Cons 2017 If a patient has cancer they will get the examinations and chemotherapy they need or if a patient has type 2 diabetes they can get the medication that they need to take Having this option to get the care or medication you need helps save lives as some illnesses can kill a person unless treated properly In a 2009 study conducted by Harvard researchers they state lack of health insurance is associated with as many as 44 789 deaths per year which means there is as much as 40 increased risk of death to people who don't have health insurance Right to Healthcare and Facts like this are important for women because as a girl hits puberty they are more at risk to get pregnant With this comes the option of parents wanting to get birth control which can be paid by health insurance During pregnancy there are many trips to get checkups the days a girl stays at the hospital during and after birth and any treatment done for the newborn All of this is very expensive and without health insurance the hospital bill wouldn't have been paid in full It helps support the entire population not just women Even though health insurance has many benefits to it with pros there is always a con to something 

Something as beneficial as health insurance has some bad qualities to it such as an extended period of wait time for people More and more people apply for health insurance and to see specialists that not everyone gets the medical attention they need There is a specific amount of wait time for each patient wanting to see a medical specialist and once that time is up that person cannot get medical attention unless doing another waiting period Right to Healthcare and This can happen to girls and women because if anything medically is wrong with them they could be in danger of being put on a wait list This also affects pregnant women because going into labor is also very risky for the mother and newborn If something were to go wrong with the baby or during labor whatever is needed to help the mother and child could put them on a waitlist Being put on a waitlist for medical attention or surgeries is terrible if a person is at risk of losing their life because how much longer they have to live could be short The biggest argument against healthcare is that having single payer healthcare systems could increase governmental debt Pros and Cons 2017 Having these types of systems means that they have to be paid for and paying for these could cause an increase in taxes Since there are already healthcare systems such as Medicare and Medicaid those probably have already put a strain on the debt that the U S already has Having health insurance to get proper healthcare is something every citizen should be required to have This should be a necessity because having healthcare insurance could ultimately save many lives if the general population was able to get the proper care that they needed whether it was for emotional mental or physical health While it does do this having so many people apply for health insurance could still affect them and the government in some type of way negatively Having health insurance is just something that needs to be watched out and monitored for because something as good as this could still go bad

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