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As he lacked a job and was extremely poor he was forced to stay in homeless shelters During his time in office he looked towards these years as went he first cultivated his anti Semitic views In World War I he served in the German army Although Hitler spent much of his time away from the front lines he was present at a number of significant battles He was given many medals for his bravery he received multiple medals for his bravery during battle While he was being treated from a poison gas attack when he discovered germany s defeat he became overwhelmed with emotion As it reinforced his extreme patriotism He believed that the German army had been betrayed by its civilian leaders and germany s marxists He found the Treaty of Versailles extremely degrading and bias towards germany the demilitarization of the Rhineland and that Germany should accept responsibility for starting the war After World War I Hitler returned to Munich and continued to work for the German military He main purpose was to monitor the activities of the German Workers Party During this time he adopted many of the anti Semitic nationalist and anti Marxist ideas of the party s founder 

Anton Drexler In September 1919 Hitler joined the Nazi party in order to evict change within germany unfortunately no one was expecting what happened next He soon gained fame for his charismatic speeches the topics varied from Treaty of Versailles Political Rivals Marxists and especially Jews On November 8 1923 Hitler and the nazi party staged a coup against the prime minister Gustav Kahr At the coup Hitler declared that the revolution had begun and declared the formation of a new government After the failed coup known as the Beer Hall Putsch Hitler was arrested and tried for high treason and sentenced to nine months in prison During Hitler s nine months in prison he created his political manifesto that was called Mein Kampf My Struggle The book laid out Hitler s plans for transforming German society into one based on race While often illogical and full of grammatical errors Mein Kampf was seen provocative and intelligent making it appealing to the Germans who felt displaced at the end of World War I 

With millions unemployed the Great Depression in Germany provided a political strength for Hitler as germans were unhappy with the parliamentary system and were more open towards extremist views In 1932 Hitler ran for germany s presidency Hitler came in second in the election as he had 36 percent of the final vote Hindenburg reluctantly agreed to appoint Hitler as chancellor in order to promote political balance Hitler used his position as chancellor to form a de facto legal dictatorship After the Reichstag Fire it was announced after a suspicious fire at parliament it suspended th basic rights and allowed detention without trial Having achieved full control over the legislative and executive branches of government Hitler and his political allies embarked on the suppression of the political opposition On July 14 1933 Hitler s Nazi Party was declared the only legal political party in Germany The demands of the SA for more political and military power led to the Night of the Long Knives where a number of Hitler s political enemies were rounded up and shot The day before Hindenburg s death in August 1934 the cabinet had enacted a law abolishing the office of president combining the presidential powers with those of the chancellor Thus Hitler became head of state as well as head of government and was formally named leader and chancellor As head of state Hitler became supreme commander of the armed forces From 1933 until the start of the war in 1939 Hitler and his Nazi regime instituted hundreds of laws and regulations to restrict and exclude Jews in society These Anti Semitic laws were issued throughout all levels of government making good on the Nazis pledge to persecute Jews On September 15 1935 the Reichstag introduced the Nuremberg Laws which defined a Jew as anyone with three or four grandparents who were Jewish regardless of whether the person considered themselves Jewish or observed the religion 

The Nuremberg Laws also set forth the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour the main purpose of this law was to ban the marriage between non Jewish and Jewish Germans and the Reich Citizenship Law which deprived non Aryans of the benefits of German citizenship On November 9 and 10 1938 a wave of violent anti Jewish pogroms swept Germany Austria and parts of the Sudetenland Nazis destroyed synagogues and vandalized Jewish homes schools and businesses Close to 100 Jews were murdered Called Kristallnacht the Night of Crystal or the Night of Broken Glass referring to the broken glass left in the wake of the destruction it escalated the Nazi persecution of Jews to another level of brutality and violence Almost 30 000 Jewish men were arrested and sent to concentration camps signaling more horrors to come Hitler s eugenic policies also targeted children with physical and developmental disabilities later authorizing a euthanasia program for disabled adults Nazis and their collaborators were responsible for the deaths of at least one million noncombatants including about six million Jews representing two thirds of the Jewish population in Europe

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