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In ancient Chinese history there were many heroes but most of these heros were men Men s social status was higher than women's in the ancient world this is why more men were heroes than woman In china women couldn t join the army Women were to stay home do housework serve their husbands and carry children Mulan was not one of these women and this is what makes her a hero Mulan was a hero because she joined an all male army to replace her father s position Mulan is a hero because she was brave and contributed to her country in a way no women had done before Mulan joined the all male army as her alter ego ping to show obedience to her father In China it was not peaceful there were many wars so the government had requested all the men to join the army Mulan's father accepted this and did just that Mulan's father was very old but this did not stop him from wanting to serve and protect his country Mulan did not want to see her elderly father join the army because her father was too old to be at war and too weak She cut her hair and pretended to be a man in ancient china long hair was very important for a woman to have 

They couldn't have short hair Mulan didn't want to get married because she wanted to look after her father he needed her She was worried about her family and wanted to protect her father and her brother who was very young Mulan cared about her family so much and put them before herself in many ways she was selfless Being selfless and kind hearted already mad Mulan a hero to her family One of Mulan's characteristics that made her a hero was her courage She was so brave that she did something that no one else had done something that was very dangerous and difficult When Mulan had gone to fight she had taken her father s possessions and among these possessions was a samurai sword which got her out of bad situations She lived in the same camp with the other men who were fighting in the war If the men found out that she was a woman it would damage her reputation and make her look bad but she didn't care because she knew this was what she had to do to keep her family safe She eventually came to consider herself as a man She not only lived with the other army men but also received the same training as the other men It would be hard for any women to do this Mulan knew kung fu which helped her become outstanding in the army Since Mulan was so outstanding her general asked her to fight against the enemy leader by herself 

With courage Mulan defeated her enemy with ease After that day she became very famous and popular to the army Mulan gained everyone's respect for her courage and independence She was the role model for the army and everyone wished to follow in her footsteps Even Though Mulan was a woman it didn't stop her from making a contribution to her country Mulan's father was very patriotic and Mulan was as well just like her father she wanted to protect and serve her country On the night that they fought the enemy the weather was very bad It was windy and snowy so they had to battle through the winds and snow It was very hard but she never gave up Finally they defeated the enemy and they recaptured their trench She rushed to the palace and she didn't sleep or stop She needed to watch the security of the emperor because the enemy would sneak attack at night She watched security all night and she caught all the enemies in the end The emperor was so blown away by Mulan s outstanding performance that he decided to reward Mulan But she didn't want anything except to go back home and be with her family Mulan was breaking the law at that time

 As a woman she couldn t join the army If anyone discovered that she was a woman she would be killed Even though it was very dangerous she still wanted to protect her country and fight against the enemy All these qualities made Mulan a hero Mulan was a hero who showed respect she was someone who wanted to make a contribution to her country and was brave Mulan didn't let anything stop her from helping her family Not only did mulan have an outstanding personality but also she would do whatever she thought was right no matter what the cost might be Even though she was a woman she was a excellent soldier and she was better than the men in the army Joining the all male army to replace her father s position made Mulan brave she could ve lost her life Going into the army at first Mulan did not know that she would become such a great samurai Chinese soldier Mulan grew as a person and being in the army helped her find herself and where she belonged

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