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Hey Boo Radley My name is ass I don’t know really know you but I just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird and I was just wondering why they called Jean Scout This is a very important topic because it's good to know why they call her Scout and there's always a backstory or reasons to a nickname It would be very interesting to know the backstory or the reasons why she was given the name Scout By knowing Jean s name can help you understand her traits and why she acts the way she acts This topic is going to be interesting because you are gonna get to understand Scout more and her ways There can be many reasons why she was given the name Scout and I found out some evidence on why she is called Scout In evidence one I found that from the beginning of the story Scout shows her very courageous spirit On the first day of school Scout gives information to her new teacher Miss caroline about Walter Cunningham and the Ewells Scout questioned why Miss Caroline was so angry that she knew how to read and that Scout's dad lets her read the Mobile Register Really Miss Caroline Why would would you be mad for that it makes no sense Anyways later on she questioned her dad about the Ewells and why they keep her kids outside of school This evidence shows that Scout is very curious questioning and looking for the truth This is important because this shows how Scout acts and a reason why she is named Scout Another example is when Scout decides to stop the tense situation when a mob comes to the jail house In that scene Scout displays bravery and it shows she's not afraid to mark her new territory After the situation Scout courageously walks over to Mr Cunningham to speak to him one on one Scout's father taught her to get one person out of the group and address them individually 

After they talked Mr Cunningham felt very ashamed of what he did and then he told the mob to leave The evidence here shows how Scout is not afraid to stand up and how she is very courageous She shows lots of bravery just like a scout would This is important because it shows the bravery and how scout isn t afraid to stand up to others and herself It's also important because she did in that scene symbolizes a scout For evidence three I found that a scout is someone who can find paths through unexplored areas Jean Louise scout Finch is a perfect example of someone who is searching for new ways and paths in life Scout is curious and interested in everything around her ever since she was a little girl She tries to find new roads through life as well as the people in her community She always in a hurry to get over to school and learn I wish i was like that for a change One thing she can't stay away from is the Tom robinson trial She is glued on the trial like gum stuck on your shoe Scout asks a question to Atticus and she said If you shouldn t be defendin him then why are you doin it chapter 9

Throughout the whole story she is always searching for answers and is always finding a inner connection to Tom you Jem Calpurnia Atticus and other people in the community This evidence is very important because because everything she does and says is the definition of a scout In this it shows that she is always out to learn and always looking for new paths in life It was a pleasure writing to you Boo Radley and the book was Outstanding This was all important because now you and others know why she was given the name scout and we also know the backstory to the name to So now that we understand her nickname it gives a better picture of scout and it helps us understand her traits more The evidence shows all of this by the way she asks questions and is very curious about everything around her In evidence three it shows she's always out looking for new paths for herself and others She explores observes and ask questions everything a scout would do This topic relates to my life because almost everyone has a nickname for a Reason I know that you have a nickname Arthur Yeah I know your real name Arthur Radley and I wanted to ask Do you like your nickname Why were you given the nickname Boo Just a question i wanted to throw in Anyways I was given the nicknames Little Eli and Bambino My family gave me the name Little Eli because me and my dads name are almost similar My name is Elijah and his name is Eli I look exactly like my dad to and if you put the name and the look together you get Little Eli

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