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High school graduates going into college are often overwhelmed with not only the challenges of living on their own for the first time but the emotional and mental problems that come along with entering adulthood This unpreparedness may be partly due to the fact that they were never taught how to be an adult This is because very few states require life skills classes to be taught to high school students In the United States only 20 states require students to take an economics course and only 17 require them to take a personal finances class These numbers are both less than half of the states in the United States Learning life skills in high school can be very beneficial to students and it should be required by every state to be taught in its high schools Through this class students can learn important skills that will help them have an easier transition into adulthood These essential skills include money management relationships and mental health Another skill that is often ignored but is very important is how to manage money Many schools do teach a finances class but they fail to include classes on how to do things like save money making a budget investing building credit and more Knowledge of these skills is essential to making it own your own in this country Also students need to know how to buy things like their first house or a new car Along with this comes with knowing how to pay all your bills Another thing that should be taught is how the United States tax system works How is someone supposed to live in a country and pay taxes if they do not know how to do it It would be very hard even almost impossible to accomplish 

A life skills class can teach a student how to get into and stay in a relationship whether it be a friendship or a romantic relationship No matter the type maintaining a lasting relationship requires certain skills including communication honesty and respect If you are not able to talk to trust or respect your partner then the relationship will be an unhappy one and it will not last If people are not taught how to do these things they will never be able to get into a loving and lasting relationship A lack of knowledge may also lead to a person ignoring major problems in their relationship causing them to be unhappy or be in a toxic relationship If they were taught in high school to be a open honest and respectful they would be able to have these meaningful relationships Another major problem that is not often taught or even talked about at all in schools or anticipated by incoming college students is the state of their mental health Possible mental health disorders range from depression and anxiety to schizophrenia to bipolar disorder with many others in between that college students may develop or get a worsened version of what they already have Many young people do not know how to deal with their feelings and disorders leading to them possibly considering harming themselves considering suicide or turning to substances such as drugs or alcohol to ease their minds and make them feel better Although these substances can help these people in some ways they do more harm than good can be very dangerous even fatal when consumed in large amounts at one time or abused

A life skills class can teach students how to combat these disorders head on and how they can get help for themselves If someone does not get help for their mental disorder the results can be drastic In any given year there will be approximately 61 500 000 americans with a mental disorder Also about 30 percent of college students reported feeling depressed to the point where it negatively impacted their ability to function and approximately 7 5 percent of college students also reported earlier this year that they seriously considered suicide in the last 12 months Students simply learning about how to take care of themselves and get help for their problems can decrease these numbers substantially Incoming college students are often not prepared for the stress that comes along with college and adult life To help them be better prepared they should have been taught life skills in high school Not many states require a life skills class but I feel as though every state should require it This will help students be better prepared when living on their own It can teach them how to manage their money and how to buy things with savings It can also teach them the qualities for being in and staying in a relationship Lastly it can teach them how to spot the signs of mental health issues and get help for themselves

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