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HIPAA otherwise known as health insurance portability and accountability act was established by the US Department of Health and Human Services HIPAA sets standards that protect the privacy of our individual identifiable health information In health care HIPAA is used to protect patients by having everyone in a health care facility properly trained on HIPAA laws and regulations In health care facilities there are notices of privacy practices that patients must read and understand this protects their health information from anyone obtaining there information without the patient's consent An electronic medical record otherwise known as an EMR An electronic medical record is an individual s electronic clinic information The information is created integrated managed and accessed by other authorized medical personnel s within health care organizations Electronic medical records are used to share electronic data information to help make a patient's appointment With the electronic health records doctors don't have to carry x rays with them It can all be accessed through computer technology Electronic medical records also helps with patients that may not remember past dates of events and those dates can easily be reached 

An electronic health record otherwise known as an EHR includes any documentation in a health care facility The electronic health record documents can concern clinic workflow can provide alerts reminders any therapy plans and even medication orders Electronic health records allow a patient to move their health records to any other provider specialist hospital nursing home and even to other states The electronic health records allow a patient to have their records wherever they go to seek out care Computerized provider order entry system is also known as CPOE The computerized physician order entry is a process that medical professionals enter medication orders to another physician through electronic instruction instead of using a paper chart Computerized physician order entry in health care is important for one reason it reduces the error related to poor handwriting or transcription of medication orders Besides improving errors there is better patient safety 

There is also improved efficiency and even improved reimbursement Unique patient identifiers is any information as a patient's date of birth or a social security number These unique patient identifiers are codes that are reported instead of your name This reduces privacy concerns that are associated with releasing a patient's name Unique patient identifiers are important in health care and used to reduce errors in retrieving medical records while also improving data sharing and security Some of the data is already being exchanged by using names and birthdates of patients Protected health information otherwise known as PHI HIPAA has privacy rules that provide protection for your personal health information and gives respect to patients information They do though have to balance and at times have to disclose personal health information that is needed for care and other important reasons Protected health information is vital and important HIPAA protects your health care information and health care professionals are to have HIPAA in their health care organization However there is also health care information that you may have on your computer or phone and that is up to you on how to store and protect that The centers for medicare and medicaid service is a federal agency within the United States Department of health and human services They administer programs and would in a partnership to provide coverage and care The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services plays a huge role in health care They both deliver care that has low costs and improves care for patients seeking care They are constantly trying to identify test and spread ways to reduce costs and improve care Covered entities according to HIPAA rules are health plans health care clearinghouses and health care providers who electronically transmit health information in connections and transactions that are following the standards Covered entities in healthcare take many forms 

Those being health care providers a health plan and a health care clearinghouse All of these must comply with the rules requirements of HIPAA that protect the privacy and security of healthcare information Health information exchange is otherwise known as HIE Health information exchange is a framework that allows movement of information The movement of information is with patients health data and information that is dispersed by using national standards Health information exchange is important and used in health care for many reasons One it improves health care quality by reducing errors The care also becomes more efficient It also reduces the cost for administration engages more patients and supports community health Telehealth is also known as telemedicine Telehealth is the remote exchange of data between a patient that is at home and there clinic assist in diagnosis and monitoring the patient Telehealth and telemedicine for health care allows an increase in access to health care It also improves the health outcomes of the patient 

You can also see reduces costs in healthcare and can address shortages or maldistribution of healthcare providers Telemedicine is sometimes known as telehealth or e health Telemedicine allows health care professionals to evaluate diagnosis and treat patients in a remote locate using telecommunication technology Telemedicine and telehealth in health care supports clinical education programs The support for patients and families They both help the environment and improve organizational production Telehealth and telemedicine support intensive care units and have reduced rates complications and length of stays Meaningful use is a concept that was generated by public law 111 148 otherwise the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act This is a measure of the level of application of information technology in a clinics decision and support Meaningful use in health care requires medical staff to think outside the box and step out of there comfort zone Meaningful use can bring new policies and procedure that improve the quality of care people are seeking

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