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Hiring In A Borderless World Going borderless in hiring strategy and creating an agile workforce that learns new skills as part of their everyday work leads to increase the performance of organisation 2 Transforming HR Understand human behaviour and emotions Suspend judgement HR management requires you to suspend your personal judgement in situations and evaluate the situation taking into account organisational values and culture Be an employee champion One of the key roles of HR is to champion employee issues and be the voice of the people You represent the employees and their causes to the leadership team And for this we need to be attuned to employee pulse and work towards adapting organisational policy and culture to meet changing employee needs periodically HR policies processes should get revised from time to time basis the feedback we get from our people Understanding the business context lack of understanding of business and industry dynamics would render the HR manager team ineffective in adding value to the organisation 

Being in HR you have to be an effective salesman saleswoman Selling means selling the company values culture ways of work to increase the brand value 3 Early Hires By Naina Agarwal talent acquisition manager early careers Intuit India Early mentoring leads to high ROI With their flexibility to change they must find the freedom to express fresh perspectives that enhance your organisation s innovation capabilities nimbleness and agility ii Early branding influencing young graduates through the intelligent use of social media can change the game for you iii The apprenticeship route A well designed apprentice program can improve a company's bottom line by efficiently bridging the skills gap and boosting productivity iv Engaging and investing in future leaders early on In encouraging academic programs relevant to their line of work organisations create and groom skilled prospective employees very early v For young hires too it is give and take 4 Finding A Common Thread Priyanshu Singh country manager and MD Adecco Group India Professionals now understand the importance of soft skills in order to increase the effectiveness of workplace and productivity The current workforce along with education he she has to possess various skills which allow them to grow successfully in an organization Some examples of soft skills include creativity analytical thinking multitasking verbal and written communications time management flexibility problem solving astute observation conflict resolution and leadership 

Team building collaboration and interpersonal skills are the tools we all need to sustain more productive human relationships Soft skills allow better communication motivate colleagues and break the regular workplace barriers These skills help us build and maintain relationships with colleagues and employers and hence are essential for both the entry level middle professionals 5 Ensuring Successful Onboarding Krishna Prasad director HR India APAC SumTotal Systems Onboarding is not just a process of getting the employees done with the paperwork and giving them the resources to settle down It is way beyond that and it costs businesses significantly when ignored its importance It is essential that employers realise that onboarding programs help in extending the initial candidate experience i Focus on people and performance ii Boost bottom line iii Support partnership and collaboration iv Achieve positive outcomes v Enable seamless process vi Powerful design scheme vii Pre boarding experience viii Cultural integration ix Sustained engagement x Key milestones Onboarding is equally important for them to succeed in new roles and hence it is essential for the company to define a program that helps them define goals acclimate to a new team or division and ensure they re performing their best

Driving this programme is often not been an easy task and hence organisations overlook this aspect of talent management Fortunately today s technology can greatly assist HRs and managers to improve the onboarding experience Leveraging a right onboarding tool will make your job easy in employee engagement and quicken time to performance and improve retention and satisfaction creating a seamless transition from hire to contributor 6 Employees As Ambassadors Ajit Jangle Engaged employees make the best brand ambassadors as they experience or perceive value in the association feel emotionally connected to the brand believe they have a stake in its success and are willing to go the extra mile and give off discretionary effort to deliver excellence and outstanding performance Almost every organisation today has an employee engagement agenda which I believe is a very powerful tool to not only create a workplace that attracts motivates and retains talent but helps build an army of the best brand ambassadors in the process 

7 Listen To Everyone Abhijit Nimgaonkar Communication is a two way street It is important to reverse the dialogue from go ahead with this to Do you think this is the right thing to do However the most important mentoring happens on every project where the model is of 360 degree mentoring instead to 1 way or 2 way Establishing transparency and open communication in the performance review process plays a crucial role in trust building productivity retention and overall progress Soliciting feedback as a whole is very important as that builds trust and rapport too 8 Changing Workplaces 9 Gender Disconnect 10 Encouraging employees to voice their opinion passionately fearlessly yet in a manner that displays compassion leaves no room for a destructive conflict to ever occur Rather this is what leads to innovation at workplace A true demonstration of a winning team or a winning organisation is in its ability to make conflicts work for them 11 Be more transparent Have an open dialogue with the boss or peers and subordinates about their expectations Set up a monthly 1 1 to discuss issues and share updates and information that builds trust and ensures transparency Follow a policy of transparency in spirit and intent most of the times others will reciprocate in the same manner Use several communication platforms like emails posters town halls 1 1s social media internal TV and shows newsletters blogs etc

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