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Hollywood is pertained as the center of American film and television industries Merriam Webster n d According to Hale 2014 its origin traces back in late 1800s where movies and motion started to develop by the invention of motion toys that produces an illusion of motion from a display of still frames in fast sequences The first true motion capture was produced by Edward Muybridge in 1872 He positioned 12 cameras on a racetrack and captured multiple shots as the horses came across By the time of 1885 the first film for motion photography was simulated by William H Walker and George Eastman Later on the Lumiere brothers designed a hand cranked machine called cinematographe which captures pictures and project still frames in fast sequences Advancement in film and motion photography happened in 1900s where editing backdrops and visual movements were explored These persuaded aspiring filmmakers to push through creative field During the same year America s film pioneer Edwin S Porter made one of the earliest and the most famous movie titled The Great Train Robbery However the America's home of motion pictures Hollywood started in 1920s after the World War I The first of its film was Cecile B DeMille's The Squaw Man released in the year 1914 It was decided by Cecile B DeMille and Oscar Apfel to shoot in Los Angeles in the last minute 

The transformation of Hollywood continued and began in 1919 A year later the movie industry started to grow along with movie stars In addition Hollywood produced movie studios that made America s public image in the movie industry Warner Bros Paramount Metro Goldwyn Mayer and 20th Century Fox were one of the earliest and richest film companies who also owned their own film production sets and studios Likewise Universal United and Columbia Pictures were also notable even though not owning their own theaters Meanwhile Disney Monogram and Republic came on third tier 1930s came and was considered as The Golden Age of Hollywood In this decade a new generation in film history began as they launched sound and audio tracks in films Furthermore they made new genres such as action musicals social statement films documentaries comedies horror and western films By 1940s America film industry had a tough time after Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor This did not hinder producers to make more films as they saw it as an opportunity to bounce back through advancement in technology like special effects better quality of sound recording and the use of color which made them looked modernized and appealing Also like any other American industries Hollywood responded to World War II by producing films that showed American patriotism through propagandas documentaries educational pictures and awareness of wartime need In 1950s massive changes in American culture and around the world started 

New trends in society music advancement and the pop culture grew It also introduced television sets and approximately 10 million homes owned one It resulted to decrease in movie theatre attendance and caused Hollywood studios to lose money They conformed to the times and started to produce film for television thus the entrance of Hollywood in television industry In 1960s societal changes happened and movies focused on fun rock roll fashion and transitions in cultural values However in 1963 slow production in films that caused by low profits due to the pull of televisions forced film companies to focus on other areas to make money like music records movies made for TV and the introduction of television series 7 years later depression in film industry was felt which had been occurring for 25 years Theme parks like Florida s Disney World was a proof that the film companies were still trying to survive and make money As it continued national companies purchased many studios indicating that The Golden Age of Hollywood was finally over Despite in its lowest times Hollywood had a flow of creativity because of modifications in the restrictions on sex language violence and other strong content It had a comeback on the same decade as it was based on high action and youth oriented pictures that highlights new and sensational special effects technology Movies like Jaws 1975 and Star Wars 1977 lessen Hollywood s financial problem as it became the highest grossing films in the film history at that time

 By the 1980s film industry became profitable and adapted based on audiences demand At the end of that decade film companies wanted to focus on and profit from special effects advancement instead of compromising in thought provoking and experimental concepts The use of special effects increased the budget of film production and continued to introduce actors names into huge stardom Still in 1990s decline in box office revenue continued In expensive films brutal scenes like gunfights or car chase use special effects to catch moviegoers interests At the same time Hollywood movies became highly expensive to make due to bigger cost of movie stars agency fee rising production advertisements and crew threats to strike The shift of millennium carried new age in the history of film It brought rapid and notable advancement in technology like Blu ray discs and IMAX theaters that helped the film industry bring the movie experience closer to the audience Moreover tv shows and movies can now be seen on smartphones tablets and computers with the help of online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu

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