Essay Example on Homosexuality has been a feature of humanity since early history








Homosexuality has been a feature of humanity since early history In the course of the twentieth century discussions on homosexuality heightened after the modern gay rights movement began in 1969 Most people once thought of gay rights as something that can be cured or it is a mental illness but now in modern days people are looking more into biological psychological historical and cultural variations of sexual practice and identity Not only is gay rights a sensitive topic for the world today but it can also be helpful and beneficial for the homosexuals who are discriminated in the daily life The indirect effects of non acceptance towards gay individual hurt everyone and divides the society in two groups which are alienated from each other It affects the young boys who are growing up in a homophobic environment by making them overemphasize their masculine traits and become afraid of feminine qualities that may include crying love and being caring In this way the circumstances the boy witnesses may stimulate grim and frenzied feelings and behaviors which then may lead to self abasement and disintegration from the society Homophobic environment also increases the rate of suicide in teens by the hundreds As a result of harsh and irreconcilable judgement from society homophobic environment makes the majority of gay individuals feel insecure and frightened to express themselves

Many countries have created law cases and legislations against bullying and the idea of stopping cruel actions towards each other Yet people are still doing the same thing by discriminating and denying homosexual rights and equality Human beings should be involved in the idea of supporting rights and equality for LGBT individuals as they are one of us no matter what their sexual orientation is The way the society think must be changed because society is an opinion not a fact There are social rights of homosexual individuals that are internationally determined and banning these rights and homosexual activities will not make a society more ethical or religious as homosexuality is not a sin If a nation wants to be called as modern or advanced prohibiting these rights are totalitarian thus that society s modernism standards and policies are ambivalent A certain percentage of the population is born with the desire to be romantically and physically involved with those of the same sex Since this propensity is genetic it is therefore a civil rights issue People should not be discriminated because of their race physical handicaps or sexual orientation God made humans this way so who can say that it is wrong and it makes the society more sinner and dirty 

The religious government of Turkey bans gay rights as they are against the cultural and historical background of the country But when looked at the historical nation of Turkey The Ottoman Empire there were several emperors who had homosexual interactions Moreover Ottoman Empire had embraced tolerance and indulgence as their national policies so it is contradictory for government to come up with an argument like the one stated above In most countries the news media a majority of those in the entertainment industry and the academic world have constantly supported the homosexual community This has been a successful approach and has gained widespread support based on public s legitimate distaste for discrimination Presently for many nations homosexuality has simply become an alternative lifestyle The idea of non discrimination seems to be winning the day worldwide Even many old line denominations are influenced by this recent belief and they are changing their doctrines in order to accommodate the homosexual community In other other terms it is illogical to ban gay rights and oppress homosexuality One of the most important values that are ruling the world is the protection of individual rights and freedom with a goal of liberty and justice for all In a nation which had many incidents including terror attacks mass bombings rape and harassment issues racism and many more banning homosexual rights only leads to more hatred and discrimination so that it is one of the last things to be banned 

Regarding that there are lots of homosexual people living in Turkey with the ban of their social rights these people are now alienated from the society and won t have the opportunity and privilege to live freely as normal citizens of Turkey Neither genetically growing up as a homosexual individual is one s fault nor selecting to live in as a homosexual The choices one makes should only be respected by others and shouldn t be exploited as the homosexual individuals have no situational difference than a normal human other than his her sexual orientation Lack of empathy excludes some people from every part of society and leads to a monopoly directed by heightened fear This act discourages homosexuals to not participate in social religious or cultural events as they may think that they will be victimized and perceived as corrupted although the ones who think like that are ideologically corrupted Gay rights signify that one stands for equality and it supports everybody being their own personality Ban of gay rights attacks the homosexuals as they become excluded from the society In no way can a nation or an individual become moral or ethical by prohibiting the other s lifestyle beliefs and rights

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