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Honors Thesis During my senior year I wrote an honors thesis examining the impact and predictive power of Tweets on box office revenue I specifically examined how potential consumers Tweets interacted with firm generated Tweets and how together they could be used to predict future box office sales I collected and analyzed data for 17 million Tweets associated with 224 movies over a two year period My findings were presented to three professors at the Kenan Flagler Business School including my faculty mentor and I was awarded the designation of graduating with Honors Research at Clinical Development Psychology Program Having spent time conducting data analysis during my Honors Thesis I was interested in learning more about research involving human subjects I helped gather data from participants for Jacoba Zaring a PhD candidate at Bryn Mawr s Clinical Development Psychology Program whose research project examined speech comprehension in older adults After several weeks I shifted from assisting Jacoba during trials to running trials completely on my own I oversaw patients run through entire trials and gathered all appropriate data during the trials

The June and L Gordon Pfefferkorn Jr BSBA Study Abroad Scholarship Kenan Flagler Business School The June and L Gordon Pfefferkorn Jr BSBA Study Abroad Scholarship from the Kenan Flagler Business School provided me with the funds to travel to the United Arab Emirates for my Business in the Middle East course BUSI 205 Business in the Middle East BUSI 205 is an elective course which included a 10 day immersion in Dubai and Abu Dhabi Academic Honors Highest Distinction I graduated from UNC Chapel Hill s Kenan Flagler Business School with Honors for successfully defending my Senior Honors Thesis I graduated with Highest Distinction for obtaining a cumulative GPA of above 3 80 Splash UNC Splash UNC is an education enrichment program in which UNC Chapel Hill students create plan and teach a course they are interested in to high school students Each course is taught over one weekend I taught three sections of two different courses during my senior year of college 1 How to Make Money and Save the World Sustainable Entrepreneurship 101 2 Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime in America Teaching the two courses helped me recognize the importance of prioritizing important information when teaching and the importance of delivering information in a way that is easy to digest Shadowing opportunities Wake Forest Baptist Health Neurology Dr Mustafa Siddiqui 27 hours Winston Salem NC Carolinas Medical Center Dr David Pearson 10 hours Charlotte NC Alliance Spine and Pain Center Dr Shahnaz Bari 9 hours Augusta GA Novant Health Robinhood Pediatrics Adolescent Medicine Dr Harold Latta 15 hours Winston Salem NC PwC I began working in PwC s advisory practice as an advisory associate shortly after graduating During my time with PwC my responsibilities included statistical analysis meetings with clients and data collection

My responsibilities greatly varied between clients and my advisory team s needs Established trainings and frequent feedback during client work strengthened my interpersonal and professional skills In between projects I supported the writing of four white papers with directors or partners at PwC All four white papers focused on the healthcare industry and or healthcare policy Student Congress of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Towards the end of my junior year I was elected to Student Congress in which I served until the end of my term shortly before my graduation I represented off campus students and spent the majority of my time in the Rules and Judiciary committee responsible for confirming appointments to all branches of the Student Government and updating the Student Code I also headed the Subcommittee on Campus Environment responsible for researching and scrutinizing the effects of potential bills affecting different student organizations In doing so I met with leaders of different student organizations to grasp their perspectives of the outcomes of potential bills Health Interest Program Coordinator Health Disparities Social Determinants of Health At Bryn Mawr University I serve as a Health Interest Program Coordinator for the Health Disparities Social Determinants of Health Interest Group

We are responsible for scheduling an event each semester focusing on health disparities and or social determinants of health for all interested students This semester we scheduled Professor Piper Sledge my sociology elective professor who discussed her research which links together cancer care experiences of transgender men cisgender men and cisgender women who choose mastectomy and opt out of reconstruction Community Volunteers in Medicine CVIM CVIM provides free medical and dental care to uninsured individuals and families at or below the 300 poverty line As a volunteer HIV Tester I administer the HIV oral test to patients who have never been tested or have not been tested for over 1 year After volunteering for three months I have expanded my role to also become a Patient Advocate in which I assist patients with chronic diseases by attending their appointments and inquiring if they fully understood the prescribed treatment plan Doing this in a respectable manner helps ensure that their health care providers instructions are understood properly and reinforces providers instructions to patients

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