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Many of us have different hopes and dreams for the future of our country Everyday there s always something unethical or harmful happening One vision many of us have is where all is equal no gender biased opinions racial comments domestic violence robberies and the list goes on On September 22 2006 many people were born one being me I was born into a world where there was anger or fear in everyone but I was too naive to realize that I didn t realize there was a storm brewing in everyone s eyes even in mine We all have our own stories and some are really traumatizing Some people get abused sexually assaulted harassed bullied and even killed Every 40 seconds someone kills themselves and we begin to question why Why would someone with a bright future ahead end it all It s because of someone s actions but you were too blind to see it Every two minutes in the USA a woman is assaulted and many say she was asking for it The girl that possibly died or is traumatized couldn t control that person s actions Everyday racist comments are thrown around to the one another Some innocent people get hurt due to those racial differences Another thing is when people struggle with their sexuality Many people we live among are homophobic to the LGBTQ community 

It s not wrong to like the same gender but many people think it is In this century we can t go out and be ourselves without people constantly judging you We are judged by our looks when we are supposed to be judging each other based on the good and bad in our hearts No one is born evil The people we surround ourselves with influence our lives deeply I was born into a world with a mindset about gender stereotypes The people I hung out with in elementary got this into my head The boys would always begin to talk about how men are superior to females I m going to be honest here if it weren t for women humans wouldn t be here We all want to be treated equally but when it comes to something other than our selfish needs we begin to discriminate against others God put us on this Earth to nurture ourselves and others but look what we have come to Constant assault violence bullying and discrimination Against what Against our fears or the jealousy we have towards others Our lives are like flames We do all that we can to survive until we start running low and we burn out Some people have walls put up because of the harm people have done to them It s like a delicate rose waiting to be picked Thornes protect the delicate stem as the flower slowly wilts away just like our sanity When we finally snap the truth comes out Some people overdose some hang but the worst one of all is when they ve reached an all time low to the point where they hurt others Some people enjoy putting others down for their own entertainment which is honestly messed up People make it seem like they know everything when they don t even know what happens behind closed doors The people that say they are real are always the fakest ones

Our world used to be full of positivity but when social media and electronics were invented it fell apart like a lego house Having fun online until someone comments a rude remark It s like a wildfire once it spreads it can t stop It gets so bad to the point where you don t even feel safe at your own home We need to stop and realize what we ve done Our god gave us an opportunity to thrive in the world but I guess he gave us too much freedom We have let our world be run by hypocritical tyrants who converse in selfish arguments that have no point in helping us Instead of helping each other we do the opposite Their people hurt you and then you let the anger control you You end up hurting someone else and it becomes an endless cycle of pain and misery I may not have been on this Earth as long as everyone else but I'm smart enough to realize that what we have done is wrong

 When we should have been equal and fair to each other we place and them on an unbreakable scale because we all have a special talent that no one can top We constantly judge without knowing We treat others like trash when they're not We put ourselves on a scale of gender biased opinions and other crap We all are equal even if we don't deserve it but sometimes we let the greed and pride consume us The reason why I'm even writing this isn't to win My reason is to spread the belief of equality and justice because look around See what has become of us Greed pride lust wrath and sorrow are all around We are all equal and perfect in our own way and you shouldn't let anyone tell you you re not Take my words into consideration and try spreading the word that we are equal No one deserves what they get but life is full of surprises and that's what makes it fun Seeing people standing up and fighting for what they believe is the next step That's all I have to say so goodbye

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